I Tried to Run a Prison ...but I Became A Criminal Myself

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These "Prison Life!" & "Detective Masters" app games were on my top free app game chart where you try to run a prison & interrogate criminals. But I did a terrible job & became a criminal myself...
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John Manning
John Manning Prije 21 sat
Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor Prije 22 sati
Did anybody see on the app review on the criminal solver A guy said “don’t say a word jerk” in the pictures Like this comment if you had
Cameron Elcok
Cameron Elcok Prije dan
If Lauren went to prison: Prisoner: Psst hey what did u do bad today? 👀 Lauren:Well I just killed a person because Well I’m a psycho-path and I scared my child even though my child doesn’t exist ☹️ Prisoner:help me police 👮‍♂️
Avalyne Hubert
Avalyne Hubert Prije dan
(pause it at exactly 9:18) My face when Lauren said "Who's checking these prisoners? there doing a terrible job!"
AidenDoesSomeGames Prije 2 dana
Lauren learns how to take care of a prison while dating the prisoners.
derrick2956able Prije 2 dana
Love you
claire goertz
claire goertz Prije 2 dana
My name is Claire
Rylie Charron
Rylie Charron Prije 2 dana
{\__/} ( TwT) /> >\
SnowySam123 Prije 2 dana
"where is the blood? I was shaving!" literally still has a beard
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Prije 3 dana
The girls you thought were prisoners actually aren't so you aren't a criminal yourself
kye Piper
kye Piper Prije 3 dana
I like it when you supposed to be dating girls in the game and then he said I should be in jail 😂🤣
Pancake Pumpkin
Pancake Pumpkin Prije 3 dana
My name is Hannah! How funny!
ItsNoahPlays Prije 3 dana
Lauren doesn’t get paid enough for this 🤣🤣
Hannah Capaldi
Hannah Capaldi Prije 3 dana
My name is hannah
Imoleayo Oloketuyi
Imoleayo Oloketuyi Prije 4 dana
oh no nooo more games
no one •10 years ago
no one •10 years ago Prije 4 dana
Brianna Burdier
Brianna Burdier Prije 4 dana
Lauren: pays 2.99 for woman prison Me: *You could of played till level 10*
joe mama
joe mama Prije 4 dana
*Mrs is Lauren is the greatest teacher tazing her students in the hallway* *ik that's not abt the video but I laughed so HARD*
Melody Joy Dy
Melody Joy Dy Prije 5 dana
aaaaa from 60sec
Melody Joy Dy
Melody Joy Dy Prije 5 dana
roblox prision life
Shane & erin
Shane & erin Prije 5 dana
Pregnant Lauren =
Emily Gamez -Roblox
Emily Gamez -Roblox Prije 5 dana
WHAT IS THE GAME CALLED !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Lavender Gaming
Lavender Gaming Prije 5 dana
I have played detective masters it’s fun
jay Prije 5 dana
You don’t actually have to play pay three dollars for the women’s jail if you play enough man jail in The Main jail which takes a couple hours so I would pay three dollars but my mom won’t let me get it for three dollars🙁
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Prije 5 dana
My name is Claire
Temor Hamidi
Temor Hamidi Prije 5 dana
How about try bendy run
Hala Al
Hala Al Prije 5 dana
I played that game it was sus and now i'm gonna break my phone :)
Ava Beatty
Ava Beatty Prije 6 dana
I have that
Śnõwy Thīngš
Śnõwy Thīngš Prije 6 dana
U luv you videos!
Chloe Butcher
Chloe Butcher Prije 6 dana
If you did a crime and Lauren is the detective just compliment her and you'll get off the hook
Familjen Nurmi
Familjen Nurmi Prije 6 dana
how many games has Lauren....
Sharon Zammit
Sharon Zammit Prije 6 dana
Please play kick the buddy you can get the weapons and I’m not allowed to say I like you Canada buddy how do you burn him hit him with a breadstick and grind him destroy him and even that is your soul kill the body Lauren
NicolePlays Prije 7 dana
Insane Beanie Boo World
Insane Beanie Boo World Prije 7 dana
Toby Tobias
Toby Tobias Prije 7 dana
“I was eating donuts and watching tv.” Lauren: “ma men” haha
Diane Murkowski
Diane Murkowski Prije 7 dana
I really wanna be a detective when I am older
Potato pup
Potato pup Prije 7 dana
Osana Najimi
Osana Najimi Prije 7 dana
I love thom
Osana Najimi
Osana Najimi Prije 7 dana
Why these games
white sunnylake
white sunnylake Prije 7 dana
Fun fact when you say fun fact peoples will sound it
Kyler VA fan
Kyler VA fan Prije 8 dana
This made my day
Laila Williams
Laila Williams Prije 8 dana
Lady Gaga Lauren lol
Ish Thresher
Ish Thresher Prije 8 dana
Fun Fact: When you say the word touch your lips don’t touch but when you say the word separate your lips do touch:)
Dyu Prije 7 dana
Completely random, but cool.
Selina Luo Qiu
Selina Luo Qiu Prije 8 dana
Now thats a yellow dragon food
Kayleeloves Krew
Kayleeloves Krew Prije 8 dana
Camera brakes. Lauren: what is this five nights at Freddy’s
Arik - Bloxburg
Arik - Bloxburg Prije 9 dana
Prison Life in Roblox: *wow they stealed* That "Prison Life" Mobile Game: *no you stealed us you roadblocks copy!!!*
Princess K
Princess K Prije 9 dana
Her: spending 3 dollars on the game Me: 👁👄👁 ( you know you will get it for free on day 10 in the game)
Iva Posoldova
Iva Posoldova Prije 9 dana
Oliana Wray
Oliana Wray Prije 9 dana
I mean yammy
Oliana Wray
Oliana Wray Prije 9 dana
Oliana Wray
Oliana Wray Prije 9 dana
Tammy is a bish!
Oliana Wray
Oliana Wray Prije 9 dana
Hi Lauren!
Brian Marek
Brian Marek Prije 10 dana
wen are you gwing to si s 4 aigen
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis Prije 10 dana
Crazy Cookie
Crazy Cookie Prije 10 dana
Hey you’re amazing and Beautiful 🤩 Also if I killed my ex best “friend” would you let me go? (P.S. this is only a question I won’t kill anyone🙂)
Samantha Carr
Samantha Carr Prije 10 dana
you do look like lady gaga
sara l
sara l Prije 11 dana
the woman is worth money because us females are to good to be free 😂😂
Noor Kd
Noor Kd Prije 11 dana
bruh other is let them free thief is go to jail and why lauren call other straat to jail??? why lauren call that???
Ailianys Maldonado Molina
Ailianys Maldonado Molina Prije 11 dana
Barbie: a yes, a worthy opponent
Mary Jane Korniak
Mary Jane Korniak Prije 11 dana
Excuse me my name is MARY JANE and I ain’t no criminal ( 2:00
Maureen Carotenuto
Maureen Carotenuto Prije 12 dana
That was weird
chiakii !
chiakii ! Prije 12 dana
I can image her child looking at these videos of her Mum and being so confused
kikipower cute cokki jada
kikipower cute cokki jada Prije 12 dana
du you know me evebody im your enime🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤bit i loke dis video ?-;
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Prije 13 dana
People who disliked said Dis-I-like
M Nava
M Nava Prije 13 dana
Fun fact: Lauren has a baby in her stomach right? She can use their birthday powers
clown cat
clown cat Prije 13 dana
Can you get drunk on vintage wine and go to jail?
Te’amo Lafayette
Te’amo Lafayette Prije 13 dana
I just randomly started crying about my dead dog called leo
Lily Barned
Lily Barned Prije 13 dana
I love you so much. My friend got me addicted and now I can't stop watching you.
Megan Foltz
Megan Foltz Prije 13 dana
I did just rwalize I bought a phone case from her merch
Phoebe Walker
Phoebe Walker Prije 13 dana
You evil
Morati Shole
Morati Shole Prije 13 dana
I Love your videos like I love them
Paula Louise Weaver
Paula Louise Weaver Prije 14 dana
Me:he ligit killed somebody
Paula Louise Weaver
Paula Louise Weaver Prije 14 dana
Lauren:Ima let him go
zakarylukas Prije 14 dana
What’s a dealer
Skye Miles
Skye Miles Prije 14 dana
2020 goodbye202021
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Prije 14 dana
You should make a video of playing “ Oh God! “ I haven’t play it yet tho
Brøcy Quß
Brøcy Quß Prije 14 dana
It’s Anya Bitches
It’s Anya Bitches Prije 14 dana
We can’t forget 🎶mRs lAuRen is THe GreATesT teACHer, tasInG tHE sTuDentS in thE HALLwaY🎶
little egg gacha
little egg gacha Prije 14 dana
Lauren you should try line up and just......
izzy M.T
izzy M.T Prije 14 dana
No one: Absolutely no one: Lauren: RonALd dUmP Me:*spits out the water I was drinking*
pinkkaftan Prije 14 dana
Lauren:has to pay £3 for women’s prison, me:gets on android and gets the women’s prison free 😎
squeakydolphinz Prije 15 dana
Mqddie Lolz
Mqddie Lolz Prije 15 dana
I wonder what Lauren next carrier is
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0 Prije 15 dana
Get ready to play fnaf SB(security breach not sideshow bob or spongebob)
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0 Prije 15 dana
I still luv fnaf
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0 Prije 15 dana
This game seems very uncreative
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0 Prije 15 dana
Lauren is an evil player and I like it
Kiwi Torilla Chip
Kiwi Torilla Chip Prije 15 dana
I'm reading the comments and no one (that I've seen) is talking about the "accountant." It's not important but don't forget.
Hermione_Granger Prije 15 dana
So I'd rather smile and simply state that I have a full time job. As an accountant. Nobody asks you questions when you say your a accountant.
Rowda Prije 15 dana
Fun fact: Everyone looks at a fun fact
Applesauce Prije 15 dana
Lauren is so interesting I could watch her read a the dictionary
Taraji Tyler
Taraji Tyler Prije 15 dana
Darling Ramirez
Darling Ramirez Prije 15 dana
Lauren am eating breed >:]
XxFurries4lifexX coffee
XxFurries4lifexX coffee Prije 16 dana
You saved lives, *time to ruin them too*
Kellee Bodo
Kellee Bodo Prije 16 dana
sHe dOd PrEtTy GOD TOE (I mean she did ;0)
Rainbowdash Fouzia
Rainbowdash Fouzia Prije 16 dana
Play wild craft its fun y have it!!! You can put a name and not only wildcraft Cat sim Toooooooo but bye cat sim you can play only cats But cat sim its boing doooooooooo wildcraft frist!!!!!!!!
Roni Samiyah Reyes
Roni Samiyah Reyes Prije 16 dana
Laruen:hes sus Me:vote jim
Nataleigh Eubank
Nataleigh Eubank Prije 16 dana
I watched all the videos
Robin Norman
Robin Norman Prije 16 dana
No it's the find them
Simply Cooki
Simply Cooki Prije 16 dana
Trump looking at the thumbnail be like: 🥲
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