DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 6

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Found these 3 Super Cute Free to Download games ...but quickly realized they were actually CREEPY SCARY HAUNTED!! Played Mother Chef: The Musical!, Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Party & Yummy Breakfast.
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 5:
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potato french fries
potato french fries Prije 37 minuta
super saiyans be like 👁👄👁
•MuffinCrossing• Prije sat
My childhood was ruined at the pinkie pie game...
stella Prije sat
And the cupcake party is not weird right guys and not creepy and just pony but her eyes are glitching like glitch glowing eyes but in cartoon pony i saw a weird blood un pinkys face and u didt see that and when i watch pony in 3am there was somthings bihind me and i saw blood and it was pinky pie i saw foots step and then i try to play at 3am so creppy😨😱
stella Prije sat
The mother chaft is weird i try to dislike and 0 star i hate her to ate my new baby if they kill my baby or else i will kill them hehehehehe😈
Pico's school :v
Pico's school :v Prije 2 sati
Can i have a shout out please its my dream to get a shout out
「のすたるじあ・ドラゴン」 Prije 2 sati
Bunny :(
i'm hungry gacha
i'm hungry gacha Prije 3 sati
windows just gave up by now
roblox videos!
roblox videos! Prije 4 sati
0:06 OmOi DaShItA oMoI dAsHiTa
Sesili Kuna
Sesili Kuna Prije 11 sati
When it start first game chef when start eating food l start laughing
xhxnesxy._gamxer_ Prije 12 sati
Now that i thinked about it.. Lauren *IS* twilight
MamaSissy Prije 13 sati
my childhood is ruined ✋😀
Clara Skarbek
Clara Skarbek Prije 13 sati
Lauren: this is gonna be fine, it isn't gonna be scary Lauren 1 minute later: *AAAAHHHH WHAT'S HAPPENING*
yoonie Prije 14 sati
tpn: can we buy cooking mama? the person who made it: sure tpn: mother chef
Reighven Ambat
Reighven Ambat Prije 15 sati
Why does the first one look like cooking with mama or something if thats the name._.
Galaxyspirit82 Playz
Galaxyspirit82 Playz Prije 16 sati
I love bread too but I don't like meat just bread xD
Claudia Roman
Claudia Roman Prije 16 sati
....... When i have a child i see my children watching this....*me* well i cant do anything about it
Madison nun u business
Madison nun u business Prije 16 sati
Wow I'm so educated from the first one
Zuheidy Collazo
Zuheidy Collazo Prije 17 sati
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
This is the dimension and I trapped guest 666 in
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
My brain can’t handle this
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 18 sati
What do you mean horror
Wyatt Miller
Wyatt Miller Prije 18 sati
lauren: she looks more evil than the rest me: now your in a basement with no way out where no one can hear you so mother chef's demon customer can eat you alive in peace.
Christiana Gwion
Christiana Gwion Prije 18 sati
Laura Tomiazzi de Souza
Laura Tomiazzi de Souza Prije 18 sati
The pancake head man made my laugh so hard
XXXMoonBunnyXXX 2
XXXMoonBunnyXXX 2 Prije 18 sati
XXXMoonBunnyXXX 2
XXXMoonBunnyXXX 2 Prije 18 sati
Dont actually hurt a Bunny👉👈
Candiceskd Brandenbur
Candiceskd Brandenbur Prije 19 sati
Olivia Sparklez
Olivia Sparklez Prije 21 sat
Is mother chef safe to play?
camxxy Miner
camxxy Miner Prije 21 sat
Jose Campos
Jose Campos Prije 21 sat
The 2nd game jump scared me 2 times
Katsumi Drawz
Katsumi Drawz Prije 22 sati
Theses are all weird games
*:AlexxGachaQueen:* Prije 23 sati
'Imagery not suitable for young audiences' Me - A ten year old girl who has played doki doki literature club and watched cursed video tapes: Nah, I'll be fine.
•Screech Squad•
•Screech Squad• Prije 23 sati
Lauren puts a human in and says let me put in what I want
etod@etoishii etoishii
etod@etoishii etoishii Prije dan
I gave the motherchef is 0/10 the pinky pie one is 4/10 n the flesh-eating monster 10/10
Snow leopard
Snow leopard Prije dan
"Do not play These cute game... " Me:why ur playing it Lau ;-;
donut ghost cat
donut ghost cat Prije dan
1:38 if i see that in in my house i will kill it : )
Avery Teddy Bear Gaming
Avery Teddy Bear Gaming Prije dan
The first one looks like cooking mama if you don’t know what that is look it up
•Strawberry Cow•
•Strawberry Cow• Prije dan
Breakfeast charcters kinda look like Kakeguri Yumiko and Marie
Ciel Berry
Ciel Berry Prije dan
It looks like cooking mama
Mercedes McGivern
Mercedes McGivern Prije dan
Lauren: “And feed them to demons?...” The weebs/me: “The Promised Neverland?”
Emma Miles
Emma Miles Prije dan
Lauren i have a question.... How do you survive those games
The Bookworm
The Bookworm Prije dan
Om nOm NoM.
Queen Sofia Mangalindan
Queen Sofia Mangalindan Prije dan
PROMISE NEVERLAND is actualy an anime to teach how to eat childre-------------------------------------------------------- i mean cooking yea cooking! totally not eating children no not that ,that would be horrible. you all should watch it ,ITS VERY VERY GOOD FOR YOU TOTALLY GOOD
Queen Sofia Mangalindan
Queen Sofia Mangalindan Prije dan
lauren: *plays the first game* the baby: BEGON DEMON
NayaprincessZ Prije dan
now I don't want to eat my lunch
MayatheFNaF_gachagirl Prije dan
I was gonna eat right now.......mOm!!!!
Laura Ramirez
Laura Ramirez Prije dan
Ezume Prije dan
The "Feed them to a demon" 😭 0:52
A.T. Trujillo
A.T. Trujillo Prije dan
Warren seaside when you were playing Mama chef there was one more ending you could have got if you had kept on listening to that person and made everything you wanted but I guess why you wouldn't want to get it cuz it's pretty boring and whoever made this is super lazy because he didn't do anything it's just so stupid.
Ella Reeves
Ella Reeves Prije dan
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why Lauren? The first game was welllllll interesting
Larry Lieb
Larry Lieb Prije dan
Larry Lieb
Larry Lieb Prije dan
The cupcake hade something in it and they died and the reason why they were white they are ghost
XxCherriCloudxX Prije dan
My friend: OMG I just figured out Lauren is pregnant! Me I already knew that but okie- *two weeks later* my mom is pregnant with twins
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Prije dan
The cupcake has cocane in it becausethis got trippy as shit.🤢
Kawii Gameboy 2000
Kawii Gameboy 2000 Prije dan
Lauren There is no Drugs but a little ok 👌
Rodeen Fr
Rodeen Fr Prije dan
What a great video to watch before sleeping
Willlow Lyne
Willlow Lyne Prije dan
The screaming hurt my ears in ear buds so much 🥲
Bøba Queen
Bøba Queen Prije dan
and my moms cooking meat :((((( I'm sad id rather eat mac n cheese
Natalie Worth
Natalie Worth Prije dan
Lauren I'm almost eight
Hannah Harris
Hannah Harris Prije dan
The first game is knock off horror cooking mama...
macandchees dieno lovly
macandchees dieno lovly Prije dan
If you want to know more about the second game read dis So pinky pie went insane the cupcake had some sort of drugs that's what we were telaported to the basement, (PP will sand for pinky pie)PP had the wrong ingredients in on of her cupcakes causing her to go insane (atheist that's what I believe) Who are those hosts in the vents? There PP victims the try to keep you there for your safety they scare you because dieing of fear is much better then being brutally murdered
Jackie Criggar
Jackie Criggar Prije dan
Wait did anyone else see that pinky pie just died and that thing in the vent is her spirit
Tyshara Gadjradj
Tyshara Gadjradj Prije dan
Mother chef: not that scary Mama cooking: ... ... ... ... ... ÷:
Keira Locking
Keira Locking Prije dan
happy easter -.-
mitsuki jiroaniru
mitsuki jiroaniru Prije dan
hello, Lauren! Do you mind if i get the game links?
Mily Rodewald
Mily Rodewald Prije 2 dana
The Food Baby one reminded me of the Promised Neverland xD
XxFoodiexX doop
XxFoodiexX doop Prije 2 dana
You should play its not me its my basement, kassie and bijuu mike have played it
-HOPE- Prije 2 dana
Peeta bread mellark
random channel
random channel Prije 2 dana
7:50 i love mlp, but I hate this At 9:58 you’ll slightly see applejack’s cutie mark (or at 10:00 you’ll see her full cutie mark)
-HOPE- Prije 2 dana
I’m really happy for you with your baby!
Girl Shy
Girl Shy Prije 2 dana
Girl Shy
Girl Shy Prije 2 dana
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Prije 2 dana
------------------------------------------------------------------------i you sure ummmmmm
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Prije 2 dana
OMG hahaha oh no dexe you hahaha I buy you hahaha hehehe you sure vvvvv8/
꧁ · AngelDlights · ꧂
꧁ · AngelDlights · ꧂ Prije 2 dana
14:32 Brianna watching this :
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Prije 2 dana
Emily Diaz
Emily Diaz Prije 2 dana
"oh i forgot, *im a flesh eating monster*
D҉e҉a҉d҉l҉y҉ ҉U҉n҉i҉v҉e҉r҉s҉e҉
D҉e҉a҉d҉l҉y҉ ҉U҉n҉i҉v҉e҉r҉s҉e҉ Prije 2 dana
Her baby won’t be scared of anything cause she plays these games
Elena-Veronica Biris
Elena-Veronica Biris Prije 2 dana
You know the mother gave birth to a baby a food baby thats why you heard weird sounds and she ate the food so she can give birth to a food baby.
Emme's Painter
Emme's Painter Prije 2 dana
*I am Proto, your security is my motto.*
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Prije 2 dana
"feed them to a demon" me: **flashbacks to the promised neverland**
ベリーMon Prije 2 dana
I was watching this with my rabbit...
OBRA Prije 2 dana
Luaren im a big fan so i sub and make the bell gray thank you so much for these vids from your fan jazmine
Addison Reed
Addison Reed Prije 2 dana
(Pinkie pie game) Lauren:omg it's so scary I hate this 5 minutes later Laurn: I kinda want to get killed in this game
Katarina De Luna
Katarina De Luna Prije 2 dana
My brain is so melted from what I watched and its water now X_X
Im not a thing ฅ
Im not a thing ฅ Prije 2 dana
Puts a ㄥ|Ҝ乇 ጎፕ ነልሃ ረጎጕቿ it said put a likes
Im not a thing ฅ
Im not a thing ฅ Prije 2 dana
Im not a thing ฅ
Im not a thing ฅ Prije 2 dana
1:40 I was dying💀😭😂
Im not a thing ฅ
Im not a thing ฅ Prije 2 dana
HI BUNN𝚈𝚘𝚑𝚑 ɪ ᴜʜʜʜ mother I did an accident I kind a killed a rabbit🐒🐵🙊🙉🙈
cloeden vlog star
cloeden vlog star Prije 2 dana
I like the second game my little pony
Miss Marshall
Miss Marshall Prije 2 dana
6:01 that song is a bop 10 stars
Sandra Park
Sandra Park Prije 2 dana
My brain is really melted ;-;
Jennifer C
Jennifer C Prije 2 dana
......IM FREAKED OUT BWCUASE OF YOU....I....I....I can't sleep!!!!!!!😳😰🦉🚫😪😞
Natalie Hargreeves-Riddle
Natalie Hargreeves-Riddle Prije 2 dana
Me watching this on a school night when I should be sleeping: I’m okay😃👍 *starts sobbing* not at all sleep deprived and sad *sobbing intensifies*
ayumi Prije 2 dana
• 3ch0 •
• 3ch0 • Prije 2 dana
where does she get these games
[!]• Anxiety •[!]
[!]• Anxiety •[!] Prije 2 dana
My name is Susan, and I eat lots too, so please stay away from me if I say that I'm hungry :]
these games are not for boys
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