Trying Terrible Troom Troom Pregnancy LIFE HACKS

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Being pregnant is rough, so thank goodness Troom Troom has these weird & terrible Life Hacks to get me through it... not really.
Testing WEIRD Pregnancy Products:
Trying Terrible Troom Troom LIFE HACKS:
Trying Terrible Troom Troom LIFE HACKS 2:
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Amy Beveridge
Amy Beveridge Prije 32 minuta
Future child watching this saying “sorry mom that I did not let you pick up your phone “
Ian stevenson
Ian stevenson Prije sat
Lauren sould go to kartha gewert's art show ( Gloom)
Maisie Mikoluk
Maisie Mikoluk Prije sat
Is is me or I can't take lauren seriously after she found troom troom
Sunshine & lemon
Sunshine & lemon Prije sat
your my favorite youtuber!!!
Sunshine & lemon
Sunshine & lemon Prije sat
im only 9 lol and i watch your videos
Sunshine & lemon
Sunshine & lemon Prije sat
im terrible at painting your so good!!!! :c
Derya Metin
Derya Metin Prije 9 sati
OMG are you pregnant I didn’t know that😱
Martin Antoine
Martin Antoine Prije 12 sati
I don't feel good but I Love u
Noob_Worm Prije 15 sati
0:33 *Her small laugh kinda matched with the end beat*
harls harpin
harls harpin Prije 17 sati
You should buy X-t x tone fitnesses 8 hours play time no wires
Summer Prije 19 sati
Brando Prije 21 sat
Yay Troom troom
Helenaa Seconds
Helenaa Seconds Prije dan
I would buy that shirt
Franz Joseph Iwag
Franz Joseph Iwag Prije dan
Literally watching this just chill but then "raycon" happened watching the "raycon ad" literally wearing earphones WITH WIRES and I cried and laughing at the SAME TIME HAHAHAHAHAHA
Pablo Sans
Pablo Sans Prije dan
I will buy it
setiaist Prije dan
Why are you
setiaist Prije dan
Srry i mean why are you .........,
Sh ZP9
Sh ZP9 Prije dan
Lauren Bleasel
Lauren Bleasel Prije dan
Just saying I love that shirt that you made that says don’t touch me and it’s like a cactus and there’s like thumbtacks on it and I’m like a artist and I approve that but I don’t work as a artist though I’m just very good at drawing stuff like very cute people are cute things and like yeah and also everyone has rights and you know how you said does anybody touch bellies like other people‘s bellies well I obviously don’t touch anybody is that what you want whatever I don’t touch people except hug handshake 5+ pump and a friendly hug I think I already said that lol 👁👄👁
Islah Barone
Islah Barone Prije dan
Oh yeah
Sasikala G.S
Sasikala G.S Prije dan
Wait what happens when she removes her shirt 😳😳😂😂😂 Lauren when she removes her shirt: AWH MAN I REGRET IT.
LittleLucy 200
LittleLucy 200 Prije dan
I’m supposed to be sleeping right now but I can’t so I decided to watch some of your vids till’ I feel tired
Sarah Larkin
Sarah Larkin Prije dan
"Ra-" "Do not say it" "Raycon" "Thank god"
Ana Ortegon
Ana Ortegon Prije dan
is it a boy or a girl coment people Fock go an say it pepol
Gacha_life marie
Gacha_life marie Prije 2 sati
we dont know yet
A few years later your kid watches this video:Lauren’s child mom you said that I ruined your life!? Lol
Clover Maybelle
Clover Maybelle Prije dan
i’ve literally seen the same life hack with spikes on the shirt on a whole entire different video I don’t know if it was also troom troom but geeeeeeeez
Lucy Edgar
Lucy Edgar Prije dan
Hi Lauren, do you know what the babies gender is yet. When you do could you tell us? I am really excited for the baby. From Alex
MicroZoft VA
MicroZoft VA Prije 2 dana
Lauren, you should make that a T-shirt or just merch in general, the shirt literally has merch quality it’s that good.
CrazyKinziesLife 7491
CrazyKinziesLife 7491 Prije 2 dana
It’s all fun and games until she wears the shirt inside out accidentally
Nynke Hunneman
Nynke Hunneman Prije 2 dana
You are sponsering raycon in the video and don't wear them, only a headset.
Jacqueline Santiago
Jacqueline Santiago Prije 2 dana
Once she has a baby she gonna have to take a break from HRpost cause babys are busy life soooo good luck
awesome audrie funtime
awesome audrie funtime Prije 2 dana
hahaha luren is so funny
XxBubbleblueTearsXx Prije 2 dana
people said woman are objects but they didnt say WHAT object so what if lauren becomes a nerf gun and shots whoever tries to get shot in the face :>
: O
: O Prije 2 dana
“This is painful......i like it “ 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Lynette M
Lynette M Prije 2 dana
👁 👁 👃 👅
Lynette M
Lynette M Prije 2 dana
I made a face
Lexi W.
Lexi W. Prije 2 dana
Lauren: TAKE IT UP A NAUCH TROOM TROOM *flash backs to hospital spike toilet seat*
CloudyMunchkins Prije 2 dana
Me: watching subtitles Me: room room? Me: ohhhhh troom troom Me: oh nu not troom troom
River adventures
River adventures Prije 2 dana
River adventures
River adventures Prije 2 dana
Lea Allen
Lea Allen Prije 2 dana
Lea Allen
Lea Allen Prije 2 dana
Michaela Wnuk
Michaela Wnuk Prije 2 dana
can raycon offer some ear buds for 8 to 12?
Jesus Garza
Jesus Garza Prije 2 dana
Christine Carone
Christine Carone Prije 2 dana
Lauren how did you get off that cactus shirt if that shirt has thumb tacks?
Abigail “Abitastic” McAlpine
Abigail “Abitastic” McAlpine Prije 2 dana
Laurens child: *loves Lauren* Lauren: pregnancy has ruined my life Laurens child: oh
『Sleepy Sloth』
『Sleepy Sloth』 Prije 3 dana
9:44 dont worry when i look down i cant see my feet either *and im not pregnant*
Scarlett Alexander
Scarlett Alexander Prije 3 dana
No one: Lauren: it’s painful....I like it
Fleur Sifford
Fleur Sifford Prije 3 dana
Fleur Sifford
Fleur Sifford Prije 3 dana
I'm a artist to Loren
Seth Madren
Seth Madren Prije 3 dana
Leah Garcia
Leah Garcia Prije 3 dana
When she said don’t touch me it reminded me of the song “no no don’t touch me there, this is my no no square”
Gina Urbanavage
Gina Urbanavage Prije 3 dana
Bobby: if u have a belly u can do it Meh: what if ur ribs stick out but it’s not cause I don’t eat I eat a lot it’s cause I’m doing dance 24/7 :)
cyliss blaken
cyliss blaken Prije 3 dana
Lauren: you're staring at a screen right now me: you just called me out, I've been staring at my laptop since noon edit: its 8pm MDT for me
Zeek Lift
Zeek Lift Prije 3 dana
Why does the husband guy in the cactus shirt look so much like jacksepticeye
•/My Shadows\•
•/My Shadows\• Prije 3 dana
Imagine the Troom Troom people is watching other people (+ Lauren) doing their Troom Troom hacks.
Larry Lieb
Larry Lieb Prije 3 dana
Yesssss raycon
Joey Steel
Joey Steel Prije 3 dana
Love your videos a lot I love when you play games and you play teacher games doesn’t read favorites and I’m seven years old I love your videos so so so so so so so so so much Lauren I can’t wait to see your little baby🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻
Demon Gang
Demon Gang Prije 3 dana
My mom has raycon and not watching a sponsor lol
Romeo Eel
Romeo Eel Prije 3 dana
I was just watching simple nail logical
Andrew Challenger
Andrew Challenger Prije 3 dana
Andrew Challenger
Andrew Challenger Prije 3 dana
Umm I didn't know she had a baby
Luluwolfy565 Prije 4 dana
We and Bobby both found out that Lauren is A masocist
Adorable Aqua Gamer
Adorable Aqua Gamer Prije 4 dana
Senpai is getting so many views!
Makenzie Mcdaniel
Makenzie Mcdaniel Prije 4 dana
It’s official troom troom thinks they know what it’s like to be pregnant
Baby blue Bunny
Baby blue Bunny Prije 4 dana
Omg Image this: Being a famous youtubers child 👁👄👁
XGachagirlX Prije 4 dana
Nice earbuds btw :)
Luis Fernando Garcia
Luis Fernando Garcia Prije 4 dana
Huh here I was ready to see Lachal Zay
Erin Shaw
Erin Shaw Prije 4 dana
I watch troom troom
Aira Cummins
Aira Cummins Prije 4 dana
For the nail one: that's what father's are for
Strawberry wolf Love
Strawberry wolf Love Prije 4 dana
8:52 "this is painful i like it! Me: ohhh so your a sadist now? ok
Gabriel Borošić
Gabriel Borošić Prije 4 dana
Omg Why Me
Trintys Fun corner.
Trintys Fun corner. Prije 4 dana
4:22 'Welcome to Lauren's d-' HOT DAWG HOUSE!!! 😂😂 Lol Edit: Was this made before Lauren's Hot dawg house... Idk I'm late.. :0?
Strawberry wolf Love
Strawberry wolf Love Prije 4 dana
air pods last for like ever (not trying to hate s if taken wrong sorry)
Kids Pelletier
Kids Pelletier Prije 4 dana
:Me thinking your a good mom :Lauren AHHHHH MY CHILD IS A DEMON
JUSTY CZ Prije 4 dana
JUSTY CZ Prije 4 dana
JUSTY CZ Prije 4 dana
Katie Bee
Katie Bee Prije 4 dana
Lauren what day and how many weeks till the baby girl?
Zkatsumi _Wsukii*
Zkatsumi _Wsukii* Prije 4 dana
11:38 what you really need to do is... get someone to paint it for you :>
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A Prije 5 dana
Yea you can sit stuff on your belly until the baby starts kicking😂
Ella G
Ella G Prije 5 dana
I've had a thumb tacks that has gone into my foot and it was very painful and painful to get out
Unicorn Bunny Power
Unicorn Bunny Power Prije 5 dana
What about apple 🍎
Lauren Yoder
Lauren Yoder Prije 5 dana
I have the same unicorn slippers as you.
Lucy Land
Lucy Land Prije 5 dana
Laurens future child be like: this was my mum when I was in the bumb 😑
Lucy Land
Lucy Land Prije 5 dana
12:53 Just get the husband to do it duuuuuhh
Lucy Land
Lucy Land Prije 5 dana
No but I don’t like people touching me!!!!!!!!😡😡
fregene1984 Prije 5 dana
Girl in troom troom : i love painting. Lauren : yeah i "love" painting when im 🤰. Flash back lauren : i love inspiering my art.
Devin Hayes
Devin Hayes Prije 5 dana
Just imagine if her child finds this when they are like 30
Double Trouble
Double Trouble Prije 5 dana
Me: *wearing headphones similar to those* Also me: HoW dId YoU kNoW-?!
Betul Prije 5 dana
Faith Noelle
Faith Noelle Prije 5 dana
Still can’t believe she’s pregnant like OMG
Mocha Gachaz
Mocha Gachaz Prije 5 dana
We all know that what intro means- CRAFT PANDA- no 123 GO!- no 5 MINTUE CRAFTS- no TROOM TROOM- YEAHHH
Esther edmoundson
Esther edmoundson Prije 5 dana
Dose she use sarcasm when she says “Troom Troom oh how I’ve missed them”???????????
Sir Toad
Sir Toad Prije 5 dana
The cactus upside down looks like a person wearing a hat
Starr Campbell
Starr Campbell Prije 5 dana
Im in a storm right now 🙏 Rip me🙏 (Hope i live TvT
Syd the sloth
Syd the sloth Prije 5 dana
Lauren: ow its painfull Also lauren: I LIKE IT
jasmine aguilar
jasmine aguilar Prije 5 dana
you like pain???
Taima Albakoush
Taima Albakoush Prije 5 dana
it was so funny when she was walking and she said : oh no i droped my phone lol🤣🤣
Taima Albakoush
Taima Albakoush Prije 5 dana
i wish that lauren shows us her baby
samantha carroll
samantha carroll Prije 5 dana
Wait is she PREGNANT
Jayme Rice
Jayme Rice Prije 5 dana
Lauren's parents 20 years ago:maybe she will be a doctor or a lawyer. Lauren 20 years later making funny videos and making millions of people smile :)
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