Reacting to BREAD Tik Toks

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Today I'm Reacting to all of the BREAD things I've Found & Learned on TikTok!
Things I Learned On Tik Tok (I Was Today Years Old When I Learned These Life Hacks):
I Bought EVERY Ridiculous Bread Product I Could Find:
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Aliya Abolade
Aliya Abolade Prije sat
No I do not have a bread buddy 😭😭😭
Summah The *Vegan*
Summah The *Vegan* Prije sat
LOVE the TikTok song
Mini Me
Mini Me Prije 5 sati
Honestly I love bread too but fresh baked bread I’m bread crazy that’s why I’m a fan 🌟
Emma Gemflower
Emma Gemflower Prije 5 sati
I heard from another HRpostr that pan can/caned bread is amazing and even 10/10 so I kinda want to go to Japan 🇯🇵
Itz_Just _Yukii!
Itz_Just _Yukii! Prije 6 sati
Bread:*falls* me: HAHAHAHHAHAH
The Bookworm
The Bookworm Prije 6 sati
• Toastie •
• Toastie • Prije 8 sati
i chose bread over pizza why do i do this
Galaxy Puppy
Galaxy Puppy Prije 11 sati
You know the vid that fell over? Yeah it’s 2:00 am and I can’t stop laughing. HELP ME
Meh Iz Cringe #SaveTheEart
Meh Iz Cringe #SaveTheEart Prije 11 sati
Lauren: They, as if I had kids to make lunch for. Me: You do realise you are legit having a kid in like, *ONE MONTH* right???
K Worley
K Worley Prije 14 sati
I have a bread buddy
K Worley
K Worley Prije 14 sati
I have a bread buddy
Eve 590
Eve 590 Prije 14 sati
My mom made me make the Feta Pasta and it was strong but i still thought it was DELICIOUS
Youtuber Grudge
Youtuber Grudge Prije 16 sati
The bread buddy sucks. It retains moisture and molds the bread faster.
Robert Sundian
Robert Sundian Prije 17 sati
b r e d
obscurity Prije 19 sati
Lol the end of the bread gets fed to my dog 🤣
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison Prije 19 sati
My dad has a bread buddy!!!
BijuuAzzyZside Fan
BijuuAzzyZside Fan Prije 19 sati
I call that slice of bread the outsider. In my family we must be weird cause we fight over who gets to eat it! lol. If it is between my Dad and Me... you better not get in the middle lol
Asmaa Jannagale
Asmaa Jannagale Prije 20 sati
We are twins i also love bread i mean obsessed over bread
Aiyanna Benton
Aiyanna Benton Prije 22 sati
I wish I had a already buddy. So why was the bread piece that fell so funny?!🤣
Eesha Ahmed
Eesha Ahmed Prije dan
I normally don't get food videos but I'm getting a lot today and it's the first day of Ramadan! 😖
Cat Princess
Cat Princess Prije dan
I want to go to Japan because the nature, the culture, the food, and everything in general. My father wants to go to the country side while me and my sister want to go buy hello kitty stuff. I also want a fan or something. I'm also very interested in kimonos.
Kld603 Prije dan
If you dont dress you kid up as bread for their first Halloween i will be so confused
itz cupcake
itz cupcake Prije dan
0:00 intro 0:23 start 9:07 middle 17:41 end
Thomas Flechl
Thomas Flechl Prije dan
MIN YOONGI Prije dan
moon child reminded me of rm
¿Hęnt¡!-çhan? 7w7
¿Hęnt¡!-çhan? 7w7 Prije dan
*Lauren* “ITS A LIE” *me* only listening to the song of “I’m mad at Disney...TIKTOK”
Lemon demon
Lemon demon Prije dan
But bread
Jennifer Campos
Jennifer Campos Prije dan
I am married to bread that’s how good it is shout out please
Kaitlynn Phillips
Kaitlynn Phillips Prije dan
i lie to myselfe
Abigail Castillo Olson
Abigail Castillo Olson Prije dan
The dog one was correct Potato chips made from potato dough are normally based on starch-containing ingredients such as potato flakes, flour, starches, ground slices, meal, granules, or mixtures.
Rayna Gatson
Rayna Gatson Prije dan
3:40 yes that is true, I learned it in a game called FACT or CRAP and it’s pretty interesting...
Madison nun u business
Madison nun u business Prije dan
Since my birthday is May 3rd and it's coming soon all my friends are going to be giving me bread all things German for my birthday I'm so grateful
iiRosey robloxii
iiRosey robloxii Prije dan
Me: well i'm done. Bread add comes up Me: oh
Darrell Aristo
Darrell Aristo Prije 2 dana
Im mad at tik tok tik tok they trick me trick me
꧁dragon꧂ ꧁life꧂
꧁dragon꧂ ꧁life꧂ Prije 2 dana
I called it that bread tktok you made was apart of a tiktok youtube video
Norah House 2029
Norah House 2029 Prije 2 dana
halfway threw this vid i thought "im hungry im going to go get some bread"...😧 HOW.
Emily Prije 2 dana
You get that bread Lauren
Amiahzside Prije 2 dana
Lauren there is pt one
Amiahzside Prije 2 dana
Lauren there is pt one
Amiahzside Prije 2 dana
Lauren there is pt one
Erica Nartey
Erica Nartey Prije 2 dana
Me: Lauren do you sing Lauren: No why do u ask tho Me : Caues you new theme song from top to bottom is do re mi fa so la to THAT
Desiree Tom
Desiree Tom Prije 2 dana
Me to Lauren. I used to get Chinese baked buns for my birthday
Pastina Party
Pastina Party Prije 2 dana
I made cloud bread and it just tasted like eggs. It was gross and I put so much time into it and was so excited :(
Sonia Geissler
Sonia Geissler Prije 2 dana
Lauren should go on a thing where she gives bread to the homeless
Elaina Stetson
Elaina Stetson Prije 2 dana
-Gal-ya-pal -
-Gal-ya-pal - Prije 2 dana
6:06 Please tell me that thats someone just poking a turtle and not cutting it D:
Mia G Valdez
Mia G Valdez Prije 2 dana
Girl you made the sims burger cake you can make that frog bread
Alyvia Mitchell
Alyvia Mitchell Prije 2 dana
Them:cutting the bread* Me:why does it sound like their killing someone?
Isabella Hodges
Isabella Hodges Prije 2 dana
Yooooo I ate my friends crust yooooo!!!!!!😂
Isabella Hodges
Isabella Hodges Prije 2 dana
Sorry I meant tooooo 😅😆
Sasha Yow
Sasha Yow Prije 2 dana
we need a video where she just tries a bunch of weird bread
Girl Unknown
Girl Unknown Prije 2 dana
For me, it depends on the texture of the bread on if I eat the heel or not. I like one particular brand of bread because it's always softer and I'll start immediately with the heel. Some breads I feel it's just too tough.
It’s just Jess
It’s just Jess Prije 2 dana
Bunnings is the ceo of having slices of bread as the hotdog bun🤣🤣
Catelyn Copeland
Catelyn Copeland Prije 2 dana
All of this is true
Sophia Weasley
Sophia Weasley Prije 2 dana
You need to make a video of you just tasting bread
Teighlor Da Queen
Teighlor Da Queen Prije 2 dana
Random people- ye I have pregnancy cravings. It's pickles and peanut butter Lauren- yes me too mine is.....bReAd
Lois Ma
Lois Ma Prije 2 dana
Anyone noticed that Lauren missed the fun facts Friday part one while scrolling?
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU Prije 2 dana
7:58: rlly said: MINE
Liliana Sabatier
Liliana Sabatier Prije 2 dana
Ok so today I ordered a box of GARLIC bread but I got NORMAL PLAIN bread!😭😢😢😢😢
anxrchy Playz
anxrchy Playz Prije 2 dana
Saule Kundreckaite
Saule Kundreckaite Prije 2 dana
7:58 *They* *snatched* *the* *bread*
Uzonna Mbonu
Uzonna Mbonu Prije 2 dana
His name is actually pronounced suess that rhymes with voice
Luciana Holguin Garcia
Luciana Holguin Garcia Prije 2 dana
you have ate rainbow bread but have u ate......rainbow bread with rainbow cheese?
Audra 1221
Audra 1221 Prije 2 dana
Now, I will download tik tok just to watch the BreadSide of tik tok :)
Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor Prije 2 dana
Is anybody else on the everything funny and wired And find out there’s 72 videos in this playlist Like the comment if you do
꧁Ko̸ji Ko̸da꧂
꧁Ko̸ji Ko̸da꧂ Prije 2 dana
🍞B R E A D🍞B A N K🍞
Amanda Parez
Amanda Parez Prije 2 dana
I just know that the dog one is true o_o
PusheenNCatLady Prije 2 dana
Yes, I do have a bread buddy! And I love it!!!
Adrianna Sapara
Adrianna Sapara Prije 2 dana
I am just like Lauren with her bread, but I am like that with ham... is that weird?
Elise Manaj
Elise Manaj Prije 3 dana
Who here also think Lauren would be the best teacher?
Fazetta Prije 3 dana
Who's watching this while eating bread?
Svea Jörgensen
Svea Jörgensen Prije 3 dana
2:30 And I ate pringles just at the right moment
Jo Cottrell
Jo Cottrell Prije 3 dana
*bread slicer* my mind: what would happen if i put my little brother in there? *remembers lauren is pregnant* oh no😳
• Sunflower skyz •
• Sunflower skyz • Prije 3 dana
I love the butter Tik Tok you made omg its so funny-
Ava Gail
Ava Gail Prije 3 dana
Now get ready for.... Mr yeast🍞🍞
chris conklin
chris conklin Prije 3 dana
Why am I doing this to myself😑😧🤤I’m gluten free😂
Eve Hakuta
Eve Hakuta Prije 3 dana
pringles are made from corn im pretty sure, not potatos. (for those who didnt know)
Kari Kovarik
Kari Kovarik Prije 3 dana
That was a fake fact dr.suses real name is thidor
Christian Davis
Christian Davis Prije 3 dana
Disney tricked me tricked me had me wishing on A shooting star that’s the original
Layla Pelnar
Layla Pelnar Prije 3 dana
Burnt. Then I could be called the Bread on Fire (Hunger Games)
Layla Pelnar
Layla Pelnar Prije 3 dana
Silver Star
Silver Star Prije 3 dana
I have a avocado toast squishable that I got for my birthday from a friend, now every single birthday I get an avocado related gift and I don’t even like avocados... but I love the gifts
Chloe Quigley
Chloe Quigley Prije 3 dana
TIKTOK person : dogs like squeaky toys cuz they like the sound of animals dying Lauren:0-0 *thinks about Dexter* oh god-
Emily Cristina
Emily Cristina Prije 3 dana
omg that cloud bread song killed me
A Prije 3 dana
The cat thing is real but it dident work out
tonya vavrecan
tonya vavrecan Prije 3 dana
8:36. Me:ansers*
Yingyang and fluffy
Yingyang and fluffy Prije 3 dana
I dyed my hair purple because 1.its my favorite color and 2. Because you are a awesome being. 4/10/2021
*: Short Hufflepuff:*
*: Short Hufflepuff:* Prije 3 dana
TikTok? More like BreadTok.
Zoé Dionne
Zoé Dionne Prije 3 dana
6:19 I made it and it was really good though. Maybe it's because I did it with big tomatoes idk
Hailey Cohen
Hailey Cohen Prije 3 dana
I don't like bread 🍞.
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Prije 3 dana
Jesus loves you 💐👍🌹
Zoe Back
Zoe Back Prije 3 dana
I love bread too but I don’t buy everything bread but I really want to
Ella Reeves
Ella Reeves Prije 3 dana
3:02 the part about the dogs liking squeaky toys because they sound like dying animals is true
Amaya Rose
Amaya Rose Prije 3 dana
My grandparents have a bread buddy
Tonje Ronander
Tonje Ronander Prije 3 dana
No nøt real
Kara Kay
Kara Kay Prije 3 dana
I personally love the crust
l0stzchild Prije 3 dana
Kara Kay
Kara Kay Prije 3 dana
I was watching this while eating bread.....I have to say she isn't wrong Lol
latife rebron Life
latife rebron Life Prije 3 dana
You.I fell so bad for bred me... You fell bad for bred my mum. What the😅
The_cheezey _rat
The_cheezey _rat Prije 3 dana
I have a bread buddy
Croaklikeatoad Prije 3 dana
Ok brown bread is spectacular
Jessica Prije 3 dana
I'm eating bread as we speak
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