I Tried PRANK App Games ...because I Can't Prank IRL

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Go to buyraycon.com/laurenzside for 15% off your order. Brought to you by Raycon. These app games simulate pranking & because I'm too pregnant to prank Bobby right now, I thought I'd play a prank app game instead! I played "‎God Of Pranks" "Prank Master 3D" & "‎Voodoo Prank‪s".
Trying Terrible $1 PRANKS to See if They Actually Work: hrpost.info/history/ddRnnpjGe9BqpKQ/video
Trying Terrible Troom Troom COUPLE PRANKS: hrpost.info/history/kaqcgbmypc6CfoY/video
I Tried App Games That Simulate Gross Life Situations ...but NONE of Them Should Exist: hrpost.info/history/c6elgZXQqd19i2k/video
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Emakity Viredor
Emakity Viredor Prije sat
Emakity Viredor
Emakity Viredor Prije sat
Is it a boy or a girl?!
Skye Roberts
Skye Roberts Prije 8 sati
That is so cool
XenovA Prije 10 sati
This is funny
XenovA Prije 10 sati
Cassy Stu
Cassy Stu Prije 13 sati
hey so since you’re almost 9 months now can you show us the baby bump again UWU
Pablo Sans
Pablo Sans Prije 18 sati
I will buy then for sure
MasterMaddox Prije 19 sati
5:57 😂
Pibbs Dab
Pibbs Dab Prije 19 sati
I can’t decide to like this video or not like it
VixMonPro Prije 20 sati
VixMonPro Prije 21 sat
VixMonPro Prije 21 sat
VixMonPro Prije 21 sat
VixMonPro Prije 21 sat
What the fudge
Lavina Fernandes
Lavina Fernandes Prije 22 sati
You said that he is bad but tell him what he doing 🤯
Lavina Fernandes
Lavina Fernandes Prije 22 sati
Miss Lauran you are beautiful as gamer to prank the people in the world 💜🌎
Cupcake123 Prije dan
Love you Lauren!
Oooooooh I killed I so happy
Kai Elias
Kai Elias Prije dan
2:55 nothing starts till here
Novisor Prije dan
1:24 when you hear them talk in sims They’re talking without opening mouth
Patricia Isgro
Patricia Isgro Prije dan
Can I get featured in your next video
Mr. Profile Picture
Mr. Profile Picture Prije dan
TisMeAgain Prije dan
Person- *commits murder* Police- You are under arrest Person- It's just a prank bro
Tyshara Gadjradj
Tyshara Gadjradj Prije dan
5:43 help me help me
Janet Powell
Janet Powell Prije 2 dana
Lawrencs. Be like oh god she’s in filming again
fleur Prije 2 dana
4:40 Marionette if you don’t wind up the music box EVERY MILISECOND
Khuzaima Mansoor
Khuzaima Mansoor Prije 2 dana
Gabriela Blancomolina
Gabriela Blancomolina Prije 2 dana
Th3 fac3l3ss Gacha tub3r
Th3 fac3l3ss Gacha tub3r Prije 2 dana
I think the raycon will be ok because im not good with airpods
ItzAyesha Prije 2 dana
I've played the game with the spikey hair and it was weird-
Blox_saberz Prije 2 dana
The fact that they actually talk
Jugu-chu Prije 2 dana
Hello Lauren! We have cops coming to your house. Reason: moider!
Elizabeth Marston
Elizabeth Marston Prije 2 dana
Who skips the video because they don’t wanna see Lauren talk they just wanna see the app
Karma Monem
Karma Monem Prije 2 dana
Neighbours from hell will always be the best pranks game
Shark Puppet Channel 2
Shark Puppet Channel 2 Prije 2 dana
Peytonpuff Prije 2 dana
How many times have raycon sponsored her
Ėrrør Głïčh
Ėrrør Głïčh Prije 2 dana
Ok so I commented (person: that’s not funny! (Other person: that’s funny bro! But then I saw another comment who said the exact same thing that was longer ago and I didn’t realize till nowww but yea 😂 (Specifically Violet Staubitz)
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU Prije 2 dana
Lauren: Ok what’s the prank now? Did I start a fire? Did I commit... ✨a r s o n✨? Bobby downstairs: Huh-?
WolfBit15 Prije 2 dana
when your baby is born you cant prenc
XxCookie_ DoughxX
XxCookie_ DoughxX Prije 2 dana
Lauren: What are these games teaching people? Me: Pranks that can kill.
Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor Prije 2 dana
*game throws you off the roof and your saying wired things* Me and Lauren:pffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttt *laughs* At the legit same time Me:bruh this is brutal
Brailey Heatherly
Brailey Heatherly Prije 3 dana
Her just like celebrities are obsessed with these earphones me WHY ARE YOU NOT A CELEBRITY
aliengirl 09
aliengirl 09 Prije 3 dana
When is the babies due date sorry if personal or if you have already answered this wuestion
Marie Connors
Marie Connors Prije 3 dana
lara alwadi
lara alwadi Prije 3 dana
Play you go girl! Please
Ms. Gray
Ms. Gray Prije 3 dana
"Ahh! That's not funny! 😡* 2 seconds later* that's funny bro 😂😂😂". That part made me laugh so hard 😂
Rose garden 79
Rose garden 79 Prije 3 dana
I love you videos that’s so funny Ha ha ha that’s so funny😹😻Oh my God your videos are so good🤗
Rose garden 79
Rose garden 79 Prije 3 dana
Ilove your videos😻
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima Prije 3 dana
Who else is excited to see laurens child like what id they start their own channel when they get older im way to exicted.
Amy Huang
Amy Huang Prije 3 dana
Ella Huskanovic
Ella Huskanovic Prije 3 dana
My mother gave birth today 💞
G G Prije 3 dana
Emma Wise
Emma Wise Prije 3 dana
Omg I loved it 😀!!!!!!
Mjx vr
Mjx vr Prije 3 dana
Killing my self Prank not click bait XD lol XD lol not click bait
Mr. WaffleKing
Mr. WaffleKing Prije 3 dana
7:49 the fact that Laurenzside said ¨Jail!¨ made me laugh so hard for no reason
Danielle’s Space
Danielle’s Space Prije 3 dana
When the last time you pranked your husband you pranked him so good you get pregnant
Röšė Prije 3 dana
Connie Thomas
Connie Thomas Prije 3 dana
The first prankster game you're playing right now on the video when the guy used The Flume thoer to me it was funny
Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses Prije 4 dana
Me when there is a sponsorship ⏩⏩⏩
Max Gonzalez
Max Gonzalez Prije 4 dana
Why don’t you make your kid help you make pranks
Wendi Pauline
Wendi Pauline Prije 4 dana
Gacha Toothless
Gacha Toothless Prije 4 dana
she is so sweet
Uliana Eroshina
Uliana Eroshina Prije 4 dana
Can we just appreciate Lauren’s blurred faces when she was advertising raycons, I love ur content Lauren
Tink Woods
Tink Woods Prije 4 dana
°hewo I'm new..°
Tink Woods
Tink Woods Prije 4 dana
ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪᴄʜᴀɴ Prije 4 dana
Welcome to the Laurenzside family!
Ace likes potatoes
Ace likes potatoes Prije 4 dana
I was laughing while watching this and my mum just stared at me
Maiza Ahmed
Maiza Ahmed Prije 4 dana
OML i have that app its called prankster
Jinopie Prije 4 dana
"Haha you look 😈 dûmb 👹"
Jinopie Prije 4 dana
@ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪᴄʜᴀɴ idk if you're joking but i wasn't saying she's dumb, it's just the she said someone looks dumb
ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪᴄʜᴀɴ Prije 4 dana
I mean look at your profile. It's eyes?
ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪᴄʜᴀɴ Prije 4 dana
Uno reverse card to you
Gabriela Maja Potter
Gabriela Maja Potter Prije 4 dana
Hey Lauren! Just by the way the god of pranks (and mischief) is called Loki
Gabriela Maja Potter
Gabriela Maja Potter Prije 4 dana
Just the first app game made me think of that. *The god of pranks...*
Jane ann Salvatierra
Jane ann Salvatierra Prije 4 dana
Marva Thompson
Marva Thompson Prije 4 dana
Lauren i love your videos
Marva Thompson
Marva Thompson Prije 4 dana
Me;whoa i am happy because i am wacthing laurenzside lauren; does a video also me; yay
Samantha Rousseau
Samantha Rousseau Prije 4 dana
Play toko life
Samantha Rousseau
Samantha Rousseau Prije 4 dana
Samantha Rousseau
Samantha Rousseau Prije 4 dana
Samantha Rousseau
Samantha Rousseau Prije 4 dana
Marisol Castle
Marisol Castle Prije 4 dana
lol me and lauren with ower under eye bags🤣😂😆👍
Marisol Castle
Marisol Castle Prije 4 dana
btw this isent supostu be afence
Sophia’s Gymnastics
Sophia’s Gymnastics Prije 4 dana
Nobody: Lauren getting a app that you can jump of the roof for a prank: HOW IS THIS A PRANK?!?!?!
Just A Random Letter
Just A Random Letter Prije 4 dana
Is it just me who feels old now that Lauren says she's 8 months pregnant...?
Magical Prije 4 dana
Babba booy
Lay Lay PoohQueen
Lay Lay PoohQueen Prije 4 dana
Can you plsss do a vid where you play bread game and u love your videos💜💜💜
Kristin Baccki
Kristin Baccki Prije 5 dana
Good games
Kristin Baccki
Kristin Baccki Prije 5 dana
Candy Puerta
Candy Puerta Prije 5 dana
Makayla Kniesh
Makayla Kniesh Prije 5 dana
Ibxki Prije 5 dana
Can you play High Heels its a Mobile Game (App)
Karina B
Karina B Prije 5 dana
What is the babies name going to be that’s all important for me
Katie Inches
Katie Inches Prije 5 dana
Gen-Z’s made pregnancy into a personality trait😂
Sarah Cullen
Sarah Cullen Prije 5 dana
Hey lauren I am a sub that has watched your videos for 5 years you are one of my top 2 fav youtubers and I have 1 question what would you do if the baby hayes bread
Sarah Cullen
Sarah Cullen Prije 5 dana
I meant hates
Nicola Bowen
Nicola Bowen Prije 5 dana
Have you had the baby yet?
•im a Loser•
•im a Loser• Prije 5 dana
Harry-John White
Harry-John White Prije 5 dana
1:22 Amogus
Katelyn Stowe
Katelyn Stowe Prije 5 dana
It’s like 1 in the morning but I just had an Epiphany (wow big words 🤭) you should (if u wanna ofc) put your baby in a yellow onesie then on top of the bread blanket and make her butter. 🤯 also it is late so it’s probably not as good as an idea as I think it is 😂
Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.0
Moonlight _ marshmallow 1.0 Prije 5 dana
Omg have this child already I wanna see a BABY IN A MONTH LARUEN
LISA LERMA Prije 5 dana
Omg you got 384k subs lauren! Im subscribed and your videos are awsome!!!!!!!! Edit:i didn't know what to write but i loves your videos lauren Edit 3:hi
pareo Prije 5 dana
Abbysssuloveme gg
Abbysssuloveme gg Prije 5 dana
my hero acadamin
my hero acadamin Prije 5 dana
uhoh spaghettiOs
uhoh spaghettiOs Prije 5 dana
Ik! It’s like just yesterday she was just playing the sims!
Marcus and Mommy
Marcus and Mommy Prije 5 dana
I did not see that
David Shaw
David Shaw Prije 5 dana
Troon Troon be like:👁👄👁 cuz they made the game
Bella Garcia
Bella Garcia Prije 5 dana
Why Lauren your adds are so long it takes 2:54 seconds for her to finish her adds
uhoh spaghettiOs
uhoh spaghettiOs Prije 5 dana
Randomly Awesome
Randomly Awesome Prije 5 dana
Racons are truly the best, only one problem, I lost one side :(
Aniya Sanchez
Aniya Sanchez Prije 5 dana
That's not funny! *Not even 1 second later* That's funny bro!
skid hates you
skid hates you Prije 5 dana
Lauren play Friday night funkin!
jess Prije 5 dana
Yeah! Who stayed for the past 8 months?
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