I Google Myself ...but Instantly Regret it

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I made a mistake & Googled myself and found some really weird things that you guys have been searching about me...
Things I Mentioned In Video:
First Time Googling Myself: hrpost.info/history/dJt_Z7vCoKqpYH4/video
Gender Reveal Video: hrpost.info/history/hMeWc7azi656aoY/video
Sick Video: hrpost.info/history/qsSAoL6Ol8ifo6g/video
My Sister's Channel: hrpost.info
My Brother's Instagram: ryancodesapps
Video with Brother: hrpost.info/history/etJleJrWeMx_qo4/video
Computer Specs (need to update soon): hrpost.info/history/iq59qqmro6tln5w/video
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Khanak Shukla
Khanak Shukla Prije 3 sati
Does anyone else think she should get a Discord server?
Amber Wheatley
Amber Wheatley Prije 5 sati
Lauren I love u
Erin Rexiel A. Valor
Erin Rexiel A. Valor Prije 10 sati
No this not real All of my HRpostrs and Gaming HRpostrs are Boring *Crys* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gummyqueen Doesstuff
Gummyqueen Doesstuff Prije 15 sati
I'm 5'4,I'm taller than Lauren,this what not a goal I had in mind but I will accept this acevment
Pink diamond Plays
Pink diamond Plays Prije 15 sati
The black And teal cousins
The black And teal cousins Prije 17 sati
Wow your pretty and your my favorite HRpostr
Amany waali
Amany waali Prije 18 sati
Plot twist: Nothing
Justin Lytle
Justin Lytle Prije 19 sati
Lauren: Dexter is dead! Google:: Did laurenzsides dog die?
Matheus Thörn 5 Tågaborgsskolan
Matheus Thörn 5 Tågaborgsskolan Prije 20 sati
people are weird not everyone just the people that ask if she is dead like this is another question i saw *what is laurenzsides real name* like wth laurenz side lauren is her real name
gacha galaxy
gacha galaxy Prije 23 sati
I searched the website now I'm scared for life
CallmehDare Prije dan
O no
Melrose Villasanta
Melrose Villasanta Prije dan
Wait a minute im going to buy lauren hehe
Parker1o89playz Prije dan
I'm from the future,u give birth + I'm a 9 year old kid and I already know that you're not kid friendly
Fatemah Fazli
Fatemah Fazli Prije dan
Maheshchandra Srivastava
Maheshchandra Srivastava Prije dan
Is laurenzside dead? Yeah her ghost is searching this and about too take over Bobby and her friend's
Name IT
Name IT Prije dan
an maybe ppl are referring to you as fat..
Name IT
Name IT Prije dan
youngsters... who said lauren was for children? lol
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU Prije 2 dana
Lauren: I try to do videos only if I have a good reason! Me after watching the bread stuff videos: Ah yes I can agree with this. I love bread 😌
fourscompany1 Prije 2 dana
riddle me this mrs. zsides why does your husband look like doug from 50 first dates?
Zoe Prije 2 dana
3:43 me who goes to this channel when I get bored be like: 0-0
Anuska Bandyopadhyay
Anuska Bandyopadhyay Prije 2 dana
Honey she rose up from dead..she does it all the time ☠️☠️
CoCoNuTmAlLIs PeRfEcT Prije 2 dana
Ah...never doubt the internet to quickly establish rule 34 -_-
Clara Reynolds
Clara Reynolds Prije 2 dana
I would call her channel teen friendly also.
Clara Reynolds
Clara Reynolds Prije 2 dana
her last name isn't even webber what the freackin' heck.
Clara Reynolds
Clara Reynolds Prije 2 dana
when its now 5.51 million...
GeorgesStuff Prije 2 dana
They posted a draft..😭
GeorgesStuff Prije 2 dana
Because she died.
Crystal Grodow
Crystal Grodow Prije 2 dana
Correction 5.51 million
chihiro with a gun
chihiro with a gun Prije 2 dana
Day 1 of asking Lauren to play danganronpa
Kerridan McLaughlin
Kerridan McLaughlin Prije 3 dana
This will probably get lost in the sea of comments but I wanted to ask if you're able to make another "fans edit video", I can't tell you how many times I've watched the first two. Thank you for being so frequent in your amazing content, I really love your channel
Ariana Raza
Ariana Raza Prije 3 dana
poor you
Kat Wong
Kat Wong Prije 3 dana
Me who google myself
PurpleMouse Prije 3 dana
Lol yandere simulator was my childhood
May Mahar Mahar
May Mahar Mahar Prije 3 dana
Sailor Laurenzside is the best
ranooo live
ranooo live Prije 3 dana
Channing Bros
Channing Bros Prije 3 dana
Lauren dead what is that search
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Prije 3 dana
Jesus loves you 🌹👍💐
Dandelion Prije 3 dana
"Is Laurenzside DEAD" Well, apparently you're not subscribed she posts almost everyday-
Danielle Nortcliffe
Danielle Nortcliffe Prije 3 dana
her saying she has 5.45 mil subs me:"mAaM yOu HaVe 5.51 MiL sUbS aNd I aM oNe"
Kyliee Jones
Kyliee Jones Prije 3 dana
What is your babys gender? Nvm googled it happy girl
biscuit2 Prije 4 dana
, Lauren seaside you're pregnant now
Гүррагчаа Билгүүнзаяа
Гүррагчаа Билгүүнзаяа Prije 4 dana
Hey lauren try Lollipop please please Its so scary game please
Logan McGirt
Logan McGirt Prije 4 dana
7:42 I let my brother control my youtube chanel video Me: sees that exact video as the next one playing
Kiki Afton
Kiki Afton Prije 4 dana
“I have never ever tried to be a kid friendly channel” *me being a 9 year old: i know your not kid friendly but i dont know why i watch you as a 9 year old* Wait when they asked if u were a lgbtq+ do atleast support it?
Yip Y
Yip Y Prije 4 dana
I’m 7 years old
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA Prije 4 dana
Lauren: doesn't upload for a day Fans: OH NO I GOTTA SEARCH IS SHE DED?
Mike Hoekstra
Mike Hoekstra Prije 4 dana
Im a 10 year old but im not rlly afraid of that kind of stuff id i can pull of watching the full movie it and i already know adult humer and stuff like that
SarahGL0102 Prije 4 dana
And u should react to snarled!
SarahGL0102 Prije 4 dana
I'm 5'2 as well!
Hashbrown •3•
Hashbrown •3• Prije 4 dana
Lauren I have a question I know your probably not gonna see this cause I’m late but...what is your zodiac sign??
Leah Jefferies
Leah Jefferies Prije 4 dana
11-year-old me. •_•
Katrina Barkley
Katrina Barkley Prije 4 dana
tik tok?
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell Prije 4 dana
LaurenzSide : ThiS iS a FamIlY fRiendLy YouTubE ChanNeL! Me: may you explain your videos please?
Katelyn Masiello
Katelyn Masiello Prije 4 dana
Ooh, I have a question. When do you release new merch? Like is there a schedule that you follow for that?
Random Girl
Random Girl Prije 4 dana
Im a kid and i watch you and i love you 😂😂😂😂
Annabelle Yetter
Annabelle Yetter Prije 4 dana
Thank god she didn't find Wattpat...
Jezebel! Prije 4 dana
“Is Lauren’s dog dead” oh so he is dead or not hmmm that a VeRy HaRd QuEsTiOn
Samantha Perkins
Samantha Perkins Prije 4 dana
I'm a kid and me and my parents don't mind
Mikaela Markle
Mikaela Markle Prije 4 dana
Not to he rude to her but I'm 11 and 5'1
Pippa Kress
Pippa Kress Prije 5 dana
Laurenzside rules
Pippa Kress
Pippa Kress Prije 5 dana
Yay wipey
T&S Prije 5 dana
the photo reminds me of sailor moon, btw lauren can you watch an episode of sailor moon and review it ?? plssssss?
StrawbberyCutie Prije 5 dana
lAUREN:We didn't see Dexter yesterday, he's dead Dexters lab:Actually ur right
Melody Joy Dy
Melody Joy Dy Prije 5 dana
Kylie Harig
Kylie Harig Prije 5 dana
Read 2 not 1 then when you are done with 2 go to 1
Kylie Harig
Kylie Harig Prije 5 dana
If you say again you are not kid friendly I will unsubscribe to you and NEVER WOCH YOUR CHANEL AGAIN shhhh. I will woch your videos some times
Kylie Harig
Kylie Harig Prije 5 dana
Is laurenzside still alive wow laurenzside are you Dead lol 😂 and when you said you Would said you would learn about us I AM A KID
Crabiterse Carroll
Crabiterse Carroll Prije 5 dana
then i should stop watching, because i'm a kid.
xXGacha MigetXx
xXGacha MigetXx Prije 5 dana
I’m 10 and IDC if your not family friendly I just love you to much
Millie Smith
Millie Smith Prije 5 dana
Um, I’m 5’7 and 11 years old 🥲🥲
Akashwani Gwalior
Akashwani Gwalior Prije 5 dana
Mason M
Mason M Prije 5 dana
Oh god I'm 9!😝😝😝😝
Pure Joy
Pure Joy Prije 5 dana
I am the same height as youuuuu
Aera moon
Aera moon Prije 5 dana
my best freind's bday also comes on 7 july
Ladybug Prije 5 dana
Wait sorry I have not been watching the news how did you not have COVID-19? Sorry
Gacha lessons ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Gacha lessons ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 5 dana
Me:watching My baby brother watching:Zside Me:WHAAA... Lauren:49nude photos Me:pausing video* did I hear that correctly close your eyes for sissy ok Him:kay sis Me:ok they censored it Lauren:censors* her mind*nobody needs to know
Esther edmoundson
Esther edmoundson Prije 5 dana
Wow how people think now
Tamagotchi girl lol
Tamagotchi girl lol Prije 5 dana
Makis Tang
Makis Tang Prije 5 dana
K&B's World
K&B's World Prije 5 dana
I will ancer all the qustons you ancer in a comont with you
Fernando Valencia
Fernando Valencia Prije 5 dana
Im 10
Melissa Weisz
Melissa Weisz Prije 5 dana
(Is Laurenzside dead) what a weird thing? 🤣
honey0ats Prije 6 dana
If the baby is born on the first day of summer BLESS IT WITH BREAD AND ALL THE CARBS LAUREN WILL BE THE TRUE COOL MOM
Sara Coppo
Sara Coppo Prije 6 dana
0:42 mmmmhhh now 5,51
Tyler Wier
Tyler Wier Prije 6 dana
You should seriously just search Google space or google gravity
46vibezzx Prije 6 dana
53 pictures of Lauren z side hoT
Kuromi&Kiki UwU
Kuromi&Kiki UwU Prije 6 dana
If I googled myself, I wouldn't be on Google lol
Heather Mills
Heather Mills Prije 6 dana
wow i did not know how weird the internet was till this day
Ice cream•
Ice cream• Prije 6 dana
I know I'm late but... this is true..... I'm................................................................................ 9 so I think your kid friendly enough for me
ItzCherrieBøba Prije 6 dana
Im 10 and im alright with ur vids (byw im totally fine 🙂)
strawberry cow
strawberry cow Prije 6 dana
Is Lauren side lgbt what a way to start a video help
Teagen's World
Teagen's World Prije 6 dana
I’m going to beg my parents for that bread dog backpack on your merch 🤚
a l e x
a l e x Prije 6 dana
w h a t
i want a pet frog
i want a pet frog Prije 6 dana
you posted this video on my birthday-
jillianne Mariano
jillianne Mariano Prije 6 dana
i love your vids 😎😂💖💖
4Abby Hutchinson
4Abby Hutchinson Prije 6 dana
Who else has been watching Lauren for a long time, and remembers her having brown hair
Dusty Jones
Dusty Jones Prije 6 dana
The fact that the information you searched about yourself they got every little piece wrong lol
L Anderson
L Anderson Prije 6 dana
Lauren: “my height is actually 5 ft 2 inches” Me: haha I’m ten and I am two inches shorter that you
The Red Side
The Red Side Prije 6 dana
HoLy CrAp! I’m taller than my favorite HRpostr by two inches, and I’m only 12! Horray!
MizukiMuuu Prije 6 dana
Within a week, she gained 6 thousand more followers. XD
Lydia Reade
Lydia Reade Prije 6 dana
Is Laurenzside dead 💀? Lauren : no I hope not!!
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