Pregnant Woman Reacts to Parenting Tik Toks

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Today I'm reacting to the best Parenting & Mom Tik Toks I could find on TikTok. Definitely questioning my decision to be pregnant & have a kid...
Pregnant Woman Reacts to Pregnancy Tik Toks:
Pregnant Woman Reacts to MORE Pregnancy Tik Toks:
Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings:
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Channing Bros
Channing Bros Prije 17 sati
Kid looks fork mom fork mom fork mom angry face smile mom HELP.And dad my dad scaffolder 6 hours come home to six kids and one dog
Audra Hudson
Audra Hudson Prije 19 sati
My mom would ball her fist up when I woke her up
Bethany Willingham
Bethany Willingham Prije 23 sati
Lauren!! You should try to do a sort of bread cosplay!! Like you should dress up as a human-sized price of bread. 🍞
Bethany Willingham
Bethany Willingham Prije 23 sati
The first one might be the best
sophie bloxy
sophie bloxy Prije dan
Oh well my mum has 5 kids
Aidia Hennis
Aidia Hennis Prije dan
Plot twist, the who had a long day at work is a teacher of some sort
?? Prije dan
Lauren i need to tell you something important there is one thing about children you need to know you will ether get a compete angel or devil straight from hell good luck im hoping you get the angel
?? Prije dan
my mum got 1 angel toddler and two devil toddlers she wasn't so lucky
Alexia G.
Alexia G. Prije dan
Half of theese people watching are not a parent
LaeliasaurusRex Prije dan
My dad says bah-gels. It just sounds bad.
JT James
JT James Prije dan
I love how whenever I wear a Lauren video of her listening to TickTock’s about pregnant things I always get a pregnant video😂😂😂😂😂
Tay Tay
Tay Tay Prije dan
4 years later Lauren’s kid:i’m hurt Lauren:oh now I get why people made tiktok of why to not have kids
Teresa Larsen
Teresa Larsen Prije dan
Wow. When I was little I stood over my parents in the morning just to see them. Mom raised a psychopath! :) 😀
BijuuAzzyZside Fan
BijuuAzzyZside Fan Prije dan
There are 2 types of parent at school. There's the "my child is a perfect angel and never does anything wrong" parent... and then theres the "what in the name of all that is holy did my hell spawn do now?!" (yes i am the second type lol)
•MuffinCrossing• Prije dan
As a child I woke my parents up and was like Target?🥺
Estates UOB
Estates UOB Prije dan
Lauren:my pronouns are pregnant woman and ,Lauren
darlingdeth3 Prije 2 dana
here's a creepy kid moment courtesy of my little sister. she was 6 and we were in the kitchen and she just walked up to me and said "after you get married and have kids when you die and your sons die will I die?" response was "don't talk about that,you morbid little thing"
Fatima Cabrera
Fatima Cabrera Prije 2 dana
I want to fallow you on tik tok but my big sister won’t let me install it sorry
Addie Jennings
Addie Jennings Prije 2 dana
think about this, if lauren's child is allergic to any type of gluten lauren can't have bread in her house no bread lauren will most likely go crazy
Fortnite Boy
Fortnite Boy Prije 2 dana
14:14 no it’s cause it’s a guy
Blanca oliva Guirado
Blanca oliva Guirado Prije 2 dana
The funniest thing happened I was at the part of the thing a lady hung on her son’s door i looked up and and saw a women at the store on house arrest Lauren said the house arrest thing a the same time
Victoria Hammond
Victoria Hammond Prije 2 dana
Dad: I put food on the table I put clothes on your back you have a roof over your head because of me. Me trying to be smart after waching this video: yeah but you're supposed to do that if you don't you get legally in trouble. You had me you have to take care of me I did ask to be here. Dad: I didn't ask for you to be here either we're on the same page. Me: (Crying) Lol😂
Claire Akuta
Claire Akuta Prije 2 dana
Nobody: Lauren when she is bored.bae gle
Kimberley VP
Kimberley VP Prije 2 dana
If lauren’s child is allergic to bread... We gon have a problem 😳
friendly guinea pig
friendly guinea pig Prije 2 dana
No one thought about if the kid was the one who had a long day so they give you attitude and you get mad because you just had a long day too.
Emily Wylie
Emily Wylie Prije 2 dana
Hey Lauren! I can’t wait to see your baby! I bet she’ll be very healthy and beautiful.
Elaine Cain
Elaine Cain Prije 2 dana
hey im 9 soooooo in 9 or 6 years no more murderous todlers with forks
That.floofy__furry Prije 2 dana
5:47 funniest one so far 😂😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Vic McK
Vic McK Prije 2 dana
im a kid and im obsessed with DEMONS! :D
Ninu Prije 2 dana
I can imagine Lauren embarrassing her daughter by doing tik tok dances. 😂😂
Rosaline Chavez
Rosaline Chavez Prije 3 dana
what is sleep ?
what is sleep ? Prije 2 dana
Bro, are you joking or not? I literally can't tell.
Vada Betts
Vada Betts Prije 3 dana
When my sister was like 1 year old she tried to leave the house so we had to set up like a Evenflo on the stairs sooooo ya that happened
Singer Girl
Singer Girl Prije 3 dana
11:35 What is a Baja blast? It sounds delicious😂
Shrek Prije 3 dana
funny baran
funny baran Prije 3 dana
Wen your baby will be born
what is sleep ?
what is sleep ? Prije 2 dana
Her baby will be born in the next month or two, but it isn't my place to say. It's just how her pregnancy is going
Darken The robot
Darken The robot Prije 3 dana
Just to tell u don’t give ur baby a dummy bc when they grow up they will have a bad jaw? I’m not sure but I heard about it on tik tok :D
Crystal Velasquez
Crystal Velasquez Prije 3 dana
what is sleep ?
what is sleep ? Prije 2 dana
Sissy’s Channel
Sissy’s Channel Prije 3 dana
(This is a land of stories reference) MY BUTERGIRL
Sarrina Ahmed
Sarrina Ahmed Prije 3 dana
Mother: Loose the attitude... Little boy: *grabs fork and slowly turns eyes to mum.* Why is this me tho- 😂😂😂
Gossiper Zoroark
Gossiper Zoroark Prije 3 dana
“Toddlers are creepy” Yup. Younger sister made a friend out of a box that she danced with and kissed. She actually recently gave it a new coat of paint, literally. It’s name is Kevin. She denies it but that’s what she called it.
DayDreamer Prije 3 dana
I’ve never had a Baja blast
Kit The Wolf Girl
Kit The Wolf Girl Prije 3 dana
I completely get the complaining about being tired thing just for some people our parents would ligit tell us that when we had a really hard time at school
Xriie Prije 3 dana
Lauren : especially certain parents.. Me: called karens?
Xriie Prije 3 dana
I'm YoUrS!!
The Mystical Squad
The Mystical Squad Prije 3 dana
Can you do another one of theses videos
Razor TheSaber
Razor TheSaber Prije 3 dana
“Hey Sarah the kids didn’t eat their baggles” Me and Lauren: “ITS BEAGLES NOT BAGGLES” Lol
Super Sibs
Super Sibs Prije 3 dana
Do another bumpdate
Makayla Clark
Makayla Clark Prije 4 dana
Omg LOVE the little kid who said they "crawled out of hell" hahahaha
shaji kj
shaji kj Prije 4 dana
I love you so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Taylor23 Prije 4 dana
My uncle would yell every time I would yell and I would just yell louder 😂
Strawberry wolf Love
Strawberry wolf Love Prije 4 dana
teirribe 2's
Strawberry wolf Love
Strawberry wolf Love Prije 4 dana
bro dont you hate it when your mom calls you and you say yes but she stays quiet so you have to get up and all she wanted was her remote -_- im already looking at nursing homes :D
Strawberry wolf Love
Strawberry wolf Love Prije 4 dana
6:36 ive seen that vid its so cute hes so cute that how i want my kid to be!!
Gurupriya Reddy
Gurupriya Reddy Prije 4 dana
Now that I'm in my third trimester of being *PREGANTE* -LaurenZside 2021
Keyrstin Holtkamp
Keyrstin Holtkamp Prije 4 dana
Your around 8 months pregnant now
Soon Mee Kim
Soon Mee Kim Prije 4 dana
Best advice I can give is from my own personal experience: Me: hey chlo Chloe: yes? Me: hey Chlo Chloe: what? Me: hey Chlo Chloe: what?!? Me: hey Chlo Chloe: WHAT?? Me: hi Chloe: ahhhhhhh!!! Me: hey Chlo She never went through the hey mom phase 🤣🤣🤣🤣
puppydog13 Prije 4 dana
What is a bag el its bagel
Alexa Radley
Alexa Radley Prije 4 dana
Omg she dose not look a day over 19
Shefaa Abdulraouf
Shefaa Abdulraouf Prije 4 dana
Me as a 9 yr: it cant be tht hard Me looking at my aunt having a baby and stressed out: you know what i would rather die
Abi Daft
Abi Daft Prije 4 dana
Lauren I just had my baby cousin over we tried him with lasagna ate like 2 tiny chunks and that was it. Then we tried to give him it in liquid form - still wouldn’t eat it. Then we gave him some of our jacket potato and ate less then half. HE IS ALMOST 2!!!!!!!!
Sophie Hopkin
Sophie Hopkin Prije 4 dana
Soz Lauren I don’t have Tik Tok otherwise I would follow you
Ėvîe ŁØŁ
Ėvîe ŁØŁ Prije 4 dana
When the teacher is nice: "They don't get payed enough to deal with our bull" When the teacher is mean: "This is your job bish!"
Rachael Morris
Rachael Morris Prije 4 dana
How is the baby?
Lazygti Prije 5 dana
When Lauren says pregante my mind "dear lord"
Kuromi&Kiki UwU
Kuromi&Kiki UwU Prije 5 dana
9:36 wow that was the fire alarm noise I had at my school lol
Molly Palfini
Molly Palfini Prije 5 dana
Shyniya Ogg
Shyniya Ogg Prije 5 dana
Girls or boys or both?????
what is sleep ?
what is sleep ? Prije 2 dana
She is having a girl
WolfGamerYumi Prije 5 dana
4:45 (-Ish) Lauren: "But in your mind your like omg this kid is going to kill me!" Me: "In my sleep" 7:52 omg! That got me and honestly if I had taken a drink I'd be just like the dad
Peyton Herzog
Peyton Herzog Prije 5 dana
1:01 best tik tok ever dude
Stephanie LoCascio
Stephanie LoCascio Prije 5 dana
*Lauren’s child in three years:* Mommy, why is your hair purple and mine is not? *Lauren:* Because I like purple. *Child:* Well . . . can I have purple hair too? *Lauren:* I knew you were my child, come on let go to the hairstylist!
Ana purple gaming
Ana purple gaming Prije 5 dana
Sooo. Why u du this
GalaxyGirl Games
GalaxyGirl Games Prije 5 dana
Imagine Lauren has a kid and they're gluten free.
jade nelson
jade nelson Prije 6 dana
One time my sister snuck into my moms room while she was sleeping and held my moms nostrils closed so she couldn’t breathe. Obviously my mom woke up when she couldn’t breathe. Honestly psycho of my sister to do such a thing but it made me laugh 😂
Ally Fish
Ally Fish Prije 6 dana
Toy Party
Toy Party Prije 6 dana
Kid in Tiktok: wearing toaster mask Lauren’s kid: Bread mask 24/7
Roblox girl Ash
Roblox girl Ash Prije 6 dana
Whos yammys son?
Roblox girl Ash
Roblox girl Ash Prije 6 dana
im tottley not stalking:>
desmond gullette
desmond gullette Prije 6 dana
majohnica wilmot
majohnica wilmot Prije 6 dana
I used to stare at my mother until she woke up whenever i had a nightmare.
billiesthetic Prije 6 dana
I can’t relate to that “every mom at 7am” one because my mom sleeps until 1:30pm- lol
Lacie Reinheart
Lacie Reinheart Prije 6 dana
My niece Mirage is a creepy little girl. When she was 4, she'd sing about a "man of the night" who was "standing in the doorway waiting for something."
Charlotte Williamson
Charlotte Williamson Prije 6 dana
I only JUST realize you were in your 3rd trimester yay!! Do you know the gender? That kid is SO lucky!!!
Charlotte Williamson
Charlotte Williamson Prije 2 dana
@what is sleep ? Yay!!!!
what is sleep ?
what is sleep ? Prije 2 dana
It's a girl!
Scarlett Shelton
Scarlett Shelton Prije 6 dana
"I remember when the earth opened and I crawled out of hell" Honey that's birth
erae1610 Prije 6 dana
Imagine her kid is gluten free
Aaliyah Glenn
Aaliyah Glenn Prije 7 dana
little dabber2013
little dabber2013 Prije 7 dana
I'm a kid
Nyah Davie
Nyah Davie Prije 7 dana
i saw the emty plate tik tok when i was just chillen on my phone on the amazing tik tok
ray Prije 7 dana
4:25 it's literally 11 at night and i keep rewinding this scene, i snort everytime-
Sage’s Studio
Sage’s Studio Prije 7 dana
As a smol child my favorite thing to do was tie up my dolls and throw them into this room in my house that was VERY dark and when my mom asked what I was doing I always said: sacrificing my dolls so the demons won’t come kill me. And I was being DEAD SERIOUS. Oh and I loved playing with knives in the kitchen so I brought them to my room and when my sister found them she was scared for her life
M&M Prije 7 dana
i would kick out my children if they waste bread omg :)))
Danny Mack
Danny Mack Prije 7 dana
How did you get the estate
H Kirk
H Kirk Prije 7 dana
My parents: *sleeping* Me: 🤮 Me:*walks to my parents room and silently opens there door* My mom: *wakes up* Me:😐*standing in the doorway* My mom: HOLY CRAP YOU STARTLED ME!!!! Me: mommy... I threw up Pls comment if you did this🤣
WhiteClover Prije 8 dana
It’s all fun and games until Lauren kid is alliergic to wheat and stuff ;-;
The Girls club
The Girls club Prije 8 dana
Omg 😱 my little cousin spent the night and I woke up to her starring at me above me breathing on me.
Chloe Belle Nilo
Chloe Belle Nilo Prije 8 dana
Lauren: also, isn't that baby the cutestttt Lauren's future child: *walks up to Lauren* well, gee golly gosh mom! Sorry for not being the cutest baby! Lauren: what are talking about? Lauren's future child: *shows vid* Lauren: .... *slowly backs away* ....
Weird videos from pumpkin pie with a twist
Weird videos from pumpkin pie with a twist Prije 8 dana
Of being PrAg-AnT-aYyY!
Šťxrry_Éclípše 05
Šťxrry_Éclípše 05 Prije 8 dana
me: stops watching laurenzside me again: comes back after idk how long *Pregnant Woman Reacts to Parenting Tik Toks* me: *PREGNANT?!* WHAT HAVE I MISSED
• Chair •
• Chair • Prije 8 dana
Im 13 and sometimes I go into my moms room and just watch her sleep..her reactions are priceless :)
LITTY BITFL Prije 8 dana
Ana Padinha
Ana Padinha Prije 8 dana
Summer Flower
Summer Flower Prije 8 dana
When the kid held the fork gave me Tommy/Drista/Dream vibes
death1 Dark Knight
death1 Dark Knight Prije 8 dana
I don't think you should be a parent Lauren because you are a bit childish
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