Testing WEIRD Pregnancy Products

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Today I'm Trying the WEIRDEST Pregnancy Products I could find! Things like a baby bump anime face, baby headphones & a baby heart doppler.
Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings: hrpost.info/history/drWldJeUlJBlh4I/video
Pregnant Woman Reacts to Funny Pregnancy Situations ...but They're Not Relatable: hrpost.info/history/as54h7fEZbGMeIo/video
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Noor Jassem
Noor Jassem Prije sat
who else used to watch Lauren way back even before she got married and now is so happy to see her together with bobby having their own little demon :')
Art Shark
Art Shark Prije sat
Imagine your child being born and your like: “come on offspring, time to record a video.”
M Tee
M Tee Prije 4 sati
Yo should play Sakura school simulator
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow Prije 5 sati
Maybe your babies hair will be purple cuz you die your hair a lot Not trying to sound dumb cuz now that I think that is not possible.
Hermina Ariate
Hermina Ariate Prije 5 sati
Are you pregnant!?
Md. Kamruzzaman
Md. Kamruzzaman Prije 6 sati
Md. Kamruzzaman
Md. Kamruzzaman Prije 6 sati
erin gamer
erin gamer Prije 7 sati
That are you calling you daughter?
k tell
k tell Prije 9 sati
Lauren if you haven’t done a tour of your house video you should do one
Scarlett Smith
Scarlett Smith Prije 11 sati
You’re having a baby
Marisa Prije 13 sati
me over here asking my mom for a dog like dexter
Dasiy Micl
Dasiy Micl Prije 14 sati
Hi I love your vids
rayquazagamer Prije 16 sati
I know this is late but I hope your doing good
Avery Hancock 15 (STUDENT)
Avery Hancock 15 (STUDENT) Prije 17 sati
You are the baby
Sans Prije 18 sati
I wonder what Lauren's kid is named or goingntobbe named?
Paige nichols
Paige nichols Prije 19 sati
I've got a bear with my little sisters heart beat in
Paige nichols
Paige nichols Prije 19 sati
I've got a bear with my little sisters heart beat in
brahim nezzaghi
brahim nezzaghi Prije 19 sati
Wow concrats im sooo happy 😘💗😱
Kerri Beaton
Kerri Beaton Prije 19 sati
I'm so happy you know I have isn't the baby and a and my aunt named Tim Marty😁😁😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅🥰🥰🥰
Summer Prije 19 sati
XxJâŷdêñ _bøîîxX
XxJâŷdêñ _bøîîxX Prije 19 sati
Uhm shes pregnant how did i not know this- 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
-boba-tpn- Prije 20 sati
If I could make a guess the kid would have black hair,brown eyes, and chubby cheeks, if you think it’s really cute
Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell Prije 20 sati
Faces cute cute
Alessandra Flores Ruiz
Alessandra Flores Ruiz Prije 22 sati
you ahve a child???
Hanna .k
Hanna .k Prije 22 sati
Wow congrats
ITZ NORA AND CATZ Prije 23 sati
knew it It was a demon
Viki Prije dan
Waylon Bunch
Waylon Bunch Prije dan
OMG she said she’s having a baby in one month that’s on my birthday
Beth Dodson
Beth Dodson Prije dan
🐊🐙🐕🐶✴ my favourite emojj
Dunno Prije dan
WHERE HAVE I BEEN. UR PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Potion Gamer
Potion Gamer Prije dan
luna wolfi3
luna wolfi3 Prije dan
Mary Fitzpatrick
Mary Fitzpatrick Prije dan
Hi Lauren I love your videos so much and by the way I love when you be weird
Labiba Khan
Labiba Khan Prije dan
Heather Mason
Heather Mason Prije dan
Hi. I maAdelyn
hashem the flash
hashem the flash Prije dan
wait she’s pregnant
Vikerbow Prije dan
When lauren's kid grows up they would problably be like: Mom what is this huge underwear?! Lauren: I had to buy it when you were in my stomach.. Mom! What is this unnoticable being in this egg? Lauren: It's a chicken.. Mom why did I hear music when I was in your belly? Lauren:............
kye Piper
kye Piper Prije dan
I bet your baby's going to be adorable and really good 🥺
kye Piper
kye Piper Prije dan
I like it when you get the baby thing and you put it on your stomach to hear what it's doing 🥺
logan simpson
logan simpson Prije dan
I have a new little brother he’s not doing like that anymore but we had only been listeners he also cake kicked my mother in her worm his name is Archie
Samantha Wagner
Samantha Wagner Prije dan
3 months later and lauren is going to have her baby🍼
Islah Barone
Islah Barone Prije dan
Is it a girl or a boy
Kayley Kitty Paws UwU
Kayley Kitty Paws UwU Prije dan
If you baby is a girl and shes born in may call her may
kessa Schultz
kessa Schultz Prije dan
My trigger song is rap music 😂😂 like rap with cuz words lol 🤣
Mars Ymars
Mars Ymars Prije dan
*her baby makeing noise* Her:iTs A dEmOn!!!
Ida Nichols
Ida Nichols Prije dan
I love when she said this IT IS AN DEMON :[
Larry Kent
Larry Kent Prije dan
I love you channel name a better HRpost channel I’ll wait.
Larry Kent
Larry Kent Prije dan
Alexa 3gamer
Alexa 3gamer Prije dan
Lauren my mom is 7 months too!
Ida Nichols
Ida Nichols Prije dan
Addison Beddall7
Addison Beddall7 Prije dan
I think if ur baby is a boy u should name him liam
Sandra Wood-Beachin
Sandra Wood-Beachin Prije dan
I’m a boy
Linda Turkey
Linda Turkey Prije dan
I feel bad for her: crazy and pregnant
Jaden Behar
Jaden Behar Prije dan
my moms doctor got covid so she got a different doctor i dont know right now tho
Jaden Behar
Jaden Behar Prije dan
my moms pregnent it a boy she going to get stiches out in 3weeks the baby might come out with that she had 4 kids so far this will be her 5th child and my mom is 39 turning 40 soon :D
ryan ludwig
ryan ludwig Prije dan
lonely lucifer
lonely lucifer Prije dan
or this vid
Vasilii Timbur
Vasilii Timbur Prije dan
Y is your child a demon like you said 😁🤣
Marie Jean
Marie Jean Prije dan
Baby 👶👶👶 ❤️
Saba yacob
Saba yacob Prije dan
Wait are you pregnant were are you gonn ado the birth
Guardian n
Guardian n Prije dan
Pallavi Kumari
Pallavi Kumari Prije 2 dana
Omg she pregnant How
RosalineChildren :D
RosalineChildren :D Prije 2 dana
plz dont leave us cus your pregnant :(
Janet Powell
Janet Powell Prije 2 dana
U right
KEN HAZEL Prije 2 dana
Nicky G V
Nicky G V Prije 2 dana
The first 10 seconds of watching video made me regret it
Glitchy Girl
Glitchy Girl Prije 2 dana
Me: Hmmm when is Lauren gonna give birth?. Her: 2 months and I am gonna give birth to a demon :) Me: This is why I ain’t getting married or pregnant 😌😌
lisa edyta sleiman
lisa edyta sleiman Prije 2 dana
TRUST ME, Once she is born ur gonna take back saying that about the ' baby check ins' ( poor Bobby . He looks like the kind to wanna do everything for baby
lisa edyta sleiman
lisa edyta sleiman Prije 2 dana
Like the game of life lol that she plays
Kaychan-Arts Prije 2 dana
i got alot of baby ads watching this lol
•lMìssing PìggyFãnl•
•lMìssing PìggyFãnl• Prije 2 dana
Lauren: *ITS A DEMON* Her child in the future watching this video: *EXCUSE ME,WHAT.*
Shannon B
Shannon B Prije 2 dana
I'm disappointed in you Lauren her first memory wasn't your videos
〖D Ë Ā D_ R Ø S Ë〗
〖D Ë Ā D_ R Ø S Ë〗 Prije 2 dana
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd Prije 2 dana
For your new. Babe!
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd Prije 2 dana
I'm happy for you
Charlotte Roberts
Charlotte Roberts Prije 2 dana
10:19 My brain: She's a demon, just like her mother. Me: Uhh- My brain: iN A RESPECTFUL WAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Megan Foltz
Megan Foltz Prije 2 dana
Yeahhhhhh I think IMA a demon so I think I need some help
Blue Blossom
Blue Blossom Prije 2 dana
Can u give us a Tour of the Nursery
Rafal Wiechecki
Rafal Wiechecki Prije 2 dana
its not a baby-.......its a DEMON ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
say what??now UwU lol
say what??now UwU lol Prije 2 dana
I kid hi0w0
Haleigh Lira
Haleigh Lira Prije 2 dana
i am so sorry boby
꧁ ibuki mioda ꧂
꧁ ibuki mioda ꧂ Prije 2 dana
Marry me ariana grande
Marry me ariana grande Prije 3 dana
Imagine her water just breaking while she makes this video.
Zymaa Chaudhry
Zymaa Chaudhry Prije 3 dana
Wait so you're kid is Ghana be in June born because I am in June born well 11 June can't wait for your baby to be born
Itz Lindy gacha _fanpage
Itz Lindy gacha _fanpage Prije 3 dana
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Prije 3 dana
Ana Vehovar
Ana Vehovar Prije 3 dana
every time you say to subscribe I almost cry cuz I really wanna subscribe but...I figured out I am already subscribed!!! TwT
Maikens og Johannas unervers
Maikens og Johannas unervers Prije 3 dana
Precious Ausmus
Precious Ausmus Prije 3 dana
Do you support lgbtq+
Precious Ausmus
Precious Ausmus Prije 3 dana
Sorry I haven’t been watching you but I have a question
Juwan Jaber
Juwan Jaber Prije 3 dana
8:12 it was this moment that she new that it was a chicken lizard
rylan casey
rylan casey Prije 3 dana
Autumn Duran
Autumn Duran Prije 3 dana
Omg there's only one more month left
Ainsley XD
Ainsley XD Prije 3 dana
Lauren: ITS S DEMOND Kid: Mom what was going on up there? And I’m sorry what did you call me???!!!
LeafyLime Gamez
LeafyLime Gamez Prije 3 dana
The baby hearing you right now: “Mama can u shut it I’m waiting for u to give birth to me I wanna sleep.”
LeafyLime Gamez
LeafyLime Gamez Prije 3 dana
Presents for the baby: 🍧🌷🍼 🎁
Nanna Larsen
Nanna Larsen Prije 3 dana
If it's a demon baby i Hope you say bugyman i's going to get you
Animals4life Prije 3 dana
Me 15 years old with a pregnancy pillow purely because I used one once and got hooked. 😅
Ramona Sosna
Ramona Sosna Prije 3 dana
You have the same shaped body as me but obviously I am not pregnant haha xD
Islanderatheart Prije 3 dana
Wait one question what does a pregnancy underwear I would never do a video about me pregnant
Islanderatheart Prije 3 dana
😱 No you don’t know no you’re not gonna do that oh no you’re gonna do that oh no no no
Anime Weeb
Anime Weeb Prije 3 dana
Well now you are 8 months
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