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Today I try out some more Oddly Satisfying Apps again that I found on the App Store's TOP gaming charts & hope to be... Oddly Satisfied with Jelly Dye, Lip Art 3D & Deep Clean Inc.
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Evangeline Lily South
Evangeline Lily South Prije sat
approximately 5653357433790974443244344343243366321124565455564466466
ShredLife11 Prije 3 sati
The Jelly Dye app came as my add...
Säde Luhaäär
Säde Luhaäär Prije 5 sati
If you put your internet off you wont et Any adds then
Säde Luhaäär
Säde Luhaäär Prije 5 sati
جنا ابو الفضل
جنا ابو الفضل Prije 5 sati
you said needles 1000,000 times
baxz_idek emzo
baxz_idek emzo Prije 6 sati
Kassie and Lauren: *Calm videos* Jay: 𝙎𝘾𝘼𝙍𝙔'𝙎 𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙀 𝙄𝙑𝙀 𝙋𝙇𝘼𝙔𝙀𝘿 𝙄𝙉 𝘼𝙒𝙃𝙄𝙇𝙀
Paul Barry
Paul Barry Prije 8 sati
austin gibson
austin gibson Prije 12 sati
Lauren: don’t close ur eyes in this video Me: *closes eyes*
snowflake kala
snowflake kala Prije 12 sati
Who else thinks that Lauren is pretty
Leah Jackson
Leah Jackson Prije 13 sati
me closing my eyes •👄•
Layla Lamphere
Layla Lamphere Prije 13 sati
Yes it dose!
Layla Lamphere
Layla Lamphere Prije 13 sati
Yes I highly agree 😅😂🤣🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Amelia Buchheit
Amelia Buchheit Prije 13 sati
Needle count is 22 Also my mom walked in on me while I was watching this video LOL
Krizian Paez-Granados
Krizian Paez-Granados Prije 13 sati
Needle count 👇🏻
Daxter Lussier
Daxter Lussier Prije 13 sati
Needle needle needle
Jennie McFadden Allen
Jennie McFadden Allen Prije 14 sati
You said needle 100 times
Kristine Ferrara
Kristine Ferrara Prije 14 sati
Imagining Bobby in the other room just thinking that Loren is cheating
P. O'Riordan
P. O'Riordan Prije 15 sati
m-my ginny pig d-died
Mira Barkley
Mira Barkley Prije 16 sati
1:52 VIRGIL IS HERE! (If you don't know who virgil is go to thomas sanders youtube channel but finish this video first because both of laurenzside and thomas sanders and ever youtuber is amazing that is super mushy but I prefer to be honest on the internet)
jaelyn hernandez
jaelyn hernandez Prije 17 sati
Your not gonna see this but if you turn your wifi and LTE off no adds come up:) yw
Sonia Seivwright
Sonia Seivwright Prije 18 sati
Needles are yummy and you said it 999 times
Destiny Ejakita
Destiny Ejakita Prije 18 sati
eng Showq
eng Showq Prije 18 sati
I just wanna say that I was looking where are the games that you're playing right now and I can't find them and I want to play the game that you're playing right now and I just sent this video to my 12 phone to another phone because the phone like it's broken OK it does it let me write and I'm sorry about the noise in so I don't know in talking on messages so I don't like your videos OK and I've been watching you since 2015
faded _patato_boba
faded _patato_boba Prije 19 sati
uumm.... lauren I love youre vid
nothing Prije 19 sati
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19. 19 you said needle 19 times- well okay *congratulations?* *Congrats..?*
maria reyes
maria reyes Prije 20 sati
Million time
artur wosik
artur wosik Prije 20 sati
is 7%10
Asia Capko
Asia Capko Prije 23 sati
YES USE ME, MY NAME IS *CHEESE* (My best friend called me cheese)
Ebtidha Mounota
Ebtidha Mounota Prije 23 sati
do you play highrise
Carley Games and fun
Carley Games and fun Prije 23 sati
I mean 7:00
Carley Games and fun
Carley Games and fun Prije 23 sati
At 7:02 do the same thing in this game as her
Carley Games and fun
Carley Games and fun Prije 23 sati
Needle count: IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!????????
Jason Newell
Jason Newell Prije dan
Lauren:lemme just clean the cRuStY mUsTy liPs Me:wottttt
Jason Newell
Jason Newell Prije dan
You:can we get a needle count please? Me: my count 1029483837492
myab5150 myab5150
myab5150 myab5150 Prije dan
Yay 1,000 likes on the lip game.
Jacqui Sanderson
Jacqui Sanderson Prije dan
I have all of these apps already!
Miley Allesxandro
Miley Allesxandro Prije dan
I had the lip game
Gacha life story I and M AKA Present Freddy
Gacha life story I and M AKA Present Freddy Prije dan
Oh yeah Jelly Dye
Gacha life story I and M AKA Present Freddy
Gacha life story I and M AKA Present Freddy Prije dan
Right when you said needle 💉 A add popped up and It was the the jelly game thing I don't remember how It's called 😂😂😂😂
Gaming_with penguin girl
Gaming_with penguin girl Prije dan
me: TeDdY i LoVe YoU also me: MaRy Me TeDdY
Gihan El Shalakany
Gihan El Shalakany Prije dan
How many times has Lauren said needle answer: ALOT
Caitlyn Ye
Caitlyn Ye Prije dan
Wait wait wait- so your saying having a orange top is dirty, but having a blue shirt that doesn’t cover your chest is not dirty- kk got it!
Raeha George
Raeha George Prije dan
*Not me and my sister who played lip art 3D two years ago and Lauren making a video about it two years later*
Kittlen Kitty
Kittlen Kitty Prije dan
I clicked on the video and got a add about jelly dye and the first app Lauren plays is jelly dye coincidence I think not
Animegurlcos :3
Animegurlcos :3 Prije dan
I literally got the jelly dye add when she was playing the game
Paula Stevenson
Paula Stevenson Prije dan
I just saw a ad about it
Jason Falconer
Jason Falconer Prije dan
Lauren Bleasel
Lauren Bleasel Prije dan
I love Needles I love Needles potion different colours into jelly
Kennedy Baker
Kennedy Baker Prije dan
You says neels 1000
Teresa Powell
Teresa Powell Prije dan
I'm about to fight Lauren so do not get it more needles they creep me out you can be closing your skin or something 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😳💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Lisya Albo
Lisya Albo Prije dan
Dahlia Bell
Dahlia Bell Prije dan
You said neddles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 times🤯🤯
Kate Mead
Kate Mead Prije dan
Wtf was the start😂
Briany Rodriguez
Briany Rodriguez Prije dan
you sed it 16
Kirana Goodson
Kirana Goodson Prije dan
Level 3 is two peeps kissing
Leyonna Clary
Leyonna Clary Prije dan
You said needles 155th yeah that’s how many 💉💉💉💉💉💉
Crystal_Hunter_Wolf Prije dan
21 times, you said needle 21 times.
Hbxjunior Junior
Hbxjunior Junior Prije dan
100 you said 100 times needles
itz wendy play z
itz wendy play z Prije dan
You and your husband said it once so I think you said it two times
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Prije dan
1:27 Just put off your Wi-Fi🤦🏾‍♀️😐
Gina Foerster
Gina Foerster Prije dan
Gabby Neuwien
Gabby Neuwien Prije 2 dana
You didn’t want to thousand times not really I’m being sarcastic
Salt. Style. Shoot.
Salt. Style. Shoot. Prije 2 dana
I love you
BeLe andLu Show
BeLe andLu Show Prije 2 dana
Lauren:can we get a needle count say how many times I’ve said needles. Me:a trillion and 1 lol
Jannat Saba
Jannat Saba Prije 2 dana
She said neadel 19 times
10-A-08-H G. SREE SNEHA Prije 2 dana
"Needle lovers are gonna love this...." *WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO AREN'T???!!!!*
Fatme Rostom
Fatme Rostom Prije 2 dana
Needle town😁
Dancer611 Prije 2 dana
This is so funny I got the same ad as the first game
Miley Montgomery
Miley Montgomery Prije 2 dana
Jelly dye why is it called jelly die i mean it is a needle and you can die frome one Hmm weird 🤔
رسن محسن
رسن محسن Prije 2 dana
رسن محسن
رسن محسن Prije 2 dana
رسن محسن
رسن محسن Prije 2 dana
Kitten Cloud
Kitten Cloud Prije 2 dana
Pls stop saying bad words plssssssss
Isabee Honey
Isabee Honey Prije 2 dana
Kaylee Boyle
Kaylee Boyle Prije 2 dana
The game you are Playing
Kaylee Boyle
Kaylee Boyle Prije 2 dana
I almost fell asleep
Marika Blackwood
Marika Blackwood Prije 2 dana
The first game she played I have it on my phone right now lol
Aqua Fam
Aqua Fam Prije 2 dana
How many times lauren said needles ⬇️
Craig Kader
Craig Kader Prije 2 dana
jesus love you hi did for you do you love
Isabella Samuelsson
Isabella Samuelsson Prije 2 dana
omg. the yelly die ad came up when a wathed Lauren play it, lmao
dalighlah Prije 2 dana
me:closes eyes. lauren:ahhh yes inject it~ me:OK LEMME JUST-
Lori Mata
Lori Mata Prije 2 dana
Sadie Hernandez
Sadie Hernandez Prije 2 dana
Play with fire
AstroCat is Among Us
AstroCat is Among Us Prije 2 dana
Needle count: 19 times YOU said needle
Robyn Haycook
Robyn Haycook Prije 2 dana
Just don’t close your eyes while watching this video Blind people: 👁👄👁
say what??now UwU lol
say what??now UwU lol Prije 2 dana
calex Youtube
calex Youtube Prije 2 dana
I'm watching this when the needle game is #1 simulation game on google play
Katlyn Anderson
Katlyn Anderson Prije 3 dana
is it just me or does the stuff under the lips on the shirt look like bacon lol
Katie Wharton
Katie Wharton Prije 3 dana
You have used 12 Needles
Sugan Sat
Sugan Sat Prije 3 dana
Lauren:"kids mainly play this because they don't need to do this" Me:"cleans my house every day after school" and I find that offensive -_- it's ok tho!
Méya Cheffer
Méya Cheffer Prije 3 dana
Lauren:plays with needles Add: the game she was playing
T K Prije 3 dana
JOSIP JOSIP Prije 3 dana
Shut up Boby!
Mush Bun
Mush Bun Prije 3 dana
i hate needles but i mean like real needles put me in *panic mode*
un fing
un fing Prije 3 dana
She say neadl 12
Jeannia Peavey
Jeannia Peavey Prije 3 dana
I have this game
Zoey Leavitt
Zoey Leavitt Prije 3 dana
Priscilla Scott
Priscilla Scott Prije 3 dana
is it just me or do i see pan colors in the thumbnail
Kazondra Pitard
Kazondra Pitard Prije 3 dana
You said needles 20 times
Maddy y3et
Maddy y3et Prije 3 dana
13:15 dog poop and mustard
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