I Tried to Babysit THE CHILD ...but She Was Actually EVIL

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DO NOT Babysit THE CHILD! She may seem cute but she's actually really creepy & evil. From the creators of the game Mother...
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Black Magic
Black Magic Prije 24 minuta
Was the song back to life playing in anyones else mind
Fuzzy Cake
Fuzzy Cake Prije sat
Theres one more ending called ^promise kept^ but you all ready got it somehow cuz when you get the survived ending you say I feel like your still here
money_taylor Prije 5 sati
i love how she keeps changes her voice for action
elisabeth moosbrugger
elisabeth moosbrugger Prije 7 sati
Ana x kiki
Örgü köşem
Örgü köşem Prije 11 sati
i think this just became my fav video of laurenzside
One In A Million
One In A Million Prije 12 sati
I like to go down the pacifist route if there ever is one in games like these.
Arissa_Rania Fadullah
Arissa_Rania Fadullah Prije 13 sati
Lauren : I'm preeeeeeg!
Bernadeth Lota
Bernadeth Lota Prije 13 sati
HI im your biggest fan
yu duck Lee
yu duck Lee Prije 15 sati
Omg I feel weird after this
Annika Fuchs
Annika Fuchs Prije 18 sati
Honestly, this game is amazing. I really loved the art style and the chibi sprites, the story war really interesting and i really expected other cliché stuff (which I’m happy that it didn’t happen!). This reminds me so much of the 2010 era of horror rpgs. This game is wonderful.
-Platypus -
-Platypus - Prije 19 sati
Me seeing the title: YOU CALL ANA THAT ONE MORE TIME-
Edgar Murillo
Edgar Murillo Prije 22 sati
“Ow! im stabbed!” “I got- *STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABED!”*
michael Prije 22 sati
Ana is a sweet girl her parents are just dumb I bet those are not her parents and she not evil she is nice she wants people to love her not to think of her as a monster
Kyliee Jones
Kyliee Jones Prije 23 sati
At 21:00 you get a new ending if you agree
Mike Hoekstra
Mike Hoekstra Prije dan
ive seen this 10 times because i love this game and launren but them mixed :0 yAssss
Kinoko- Mushroom
Kinoko- Mushroom Prije dan
"I goT StAaAaaAaBbEd" -Lauren 2021
onmi jackie
onmi jackie Prije dan
the game : *a girl killing babysitters but doesnt like swear words*
Quinn MacKenzie
Quinn MacKenzie Prije dan
That was sad, all Ana wanted was love, she was different and her parents were ashamed of that and treated her poorly, she felt like her parents were true and was sad by who she was...but then the babysitter came and treated her like the best kid in the world! Ana was confused because no one ever treated her like this. And in the end, Ana was a normal, kind, and well, a girl who should deserve a happy love filled life. p.s., the parents deserved what happened to them! 😈(jk...)
Nabiha Amin
Nabiha Amin Prije dan
I watch this video everyday bc it has a fly cute puppy and it's silly that Lauren said nothing better happen to you
Nabiha Amin
Nabiha Amin Prije dan
I watch this video everyday bc it has a fly cute puppy and it's silly that Lauren said nothing better happen to you
Stranger Squad
Stranger Squad Prije dan
nice Video :)
Elena Kreišmonaitė
Elena Kreišmonaitė Prije dan
Lauren:I can DEAL with a child who wants to kill me. But if they don't like bread then NO I'M OUT
Emi Tolli :3
Emi Tolli :3 Prije dan
Lauren is legit gonna be the best mother like dude shes a gamer, shes legit funny thats so rare she kid is lucky😂
Audrey Lynelle Acaylar
Audrey Lynelle Acaylar Prije dan
Anybody else notice that Ana looks like Eri From Mha???
Boba Pastel
Boba Pastel Prije dan
Lauren: She saved me she saved meeee Me: yas she saved you after all the "good" memories she saved you
Itz_Just _Yukii!
Itz_Just _Yukii! Prije dan
Nobody: Lauren opening the fridge: Unlimited breaaaad!
itz Rain Toggle
itz Rain Toggle Prije dan
thankyou for doing my suggestion! i dont care if you found it on your own and thought it would make a ggreat vid or it was someone elses comment but thankyou! =D
Chloey Williams
Chloey Williams Prije dan
This gave me chills and I love it
Glitchy Girl
Glitchy Girl Prije dan
Awwwww, the ending is super cute 🥺❤️
Lemon Lady
Lemon Lady Prije dan
Is it bad that this is now my favourite video?
Shanecamille yao
Shanecamille yao Prije dan
bread is icky!
Maya Sofia Lomeli
Maya Sofia Lomeli Prije dan
The real title: *Lauren screaming in fear while playing a game called "the child"*
Amy pencil
Amy pencil Prije dan
XxCherriCloudxX Prije dan
Lauren: gives child bread. Child:icky. Lauren:THATS IT IM DONE IM ABANDONING YOU IM DONE. Mom of the year award
Starry Wolf
Starry Wolf Prije dan
I watch this so much!
Abigail Mavanga
Abigail Mavanga Prije dan
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Prije dan
Actually what does the app actually called
BitBitKitten Prije dan
this would be best movie \
Layla Brown
Layla Brown Prije dan
i bet your bb will be vary pritty sorry i don't know how to spell😅
꧁Pûmkîn_ Spîcé꧂
꧁Pûmkîn_ Spîcé꧂ Prije 2 dana
I haven't seen this channel in forever and i will say its only gotten better! I wanna say congratulations to your pregnancy! Remember to stay safe! Drink lots of water! And eat healthy! Have a good day!💗
hey ;W;
hey ;W; Prije 2 dana
Okay ngl, that ending was kinda sad LMAO
Tiffany Harmony
Tiffany Harmony Prije 2 dana
When you realize they cant talk because they never have there mouth open: X
owww Prije 2 dana
Laurenzside will be the perfect youtuber once she knows how to photoshop properly 🙃😥
Miki Emudluk
Miki Emudluk Prije 2 dana
me and my brother and sister have watched this video so many times, cause we love the ending! ur super funny!
Sujeet T
Sujeet T Prije 2 dana
If I be her brother I would hug her
Nia Marissa :3
Nia Marissa :3 Prije 2 dana
good news that the child like you im so happy
Emily Diaz
Emily Diaz Prije 2 dana
Parents: You'll be back soon right? Lauren: Ummm well... you see...
Ana's dumplings
Ana's dumplings Prije 2 dana
Soo am I Dat child luaren why u kill meh Aldo my real name is Anna but the 2 n make one sound together that's why Ana has one N.
Swag Monke
Swag Monke Prije 2 dana
14:31 bruh the creator left a joke
steve maranan
steve maranan Prije 2 dana
steve maranan
steve maranan Prije 2 dana
and this is like a movie
Assassin Sam!
Assassin Sam! Prije 2 dana
Lauren.. Stop playing games with a family member in the name
Jeannia Peavey
Jeannia Peavey Prije 2 dana
Rose's or Red violet's or blue laurenzside is the best and so or you
Helaina Favel
Helaina Favel Prije 2 dana
im eating toaust
Boy himiko toga
Boy himiko toga Prije 2 dana
Lauren: hi I’m Kiki your new babysitter! What’s you’re name? Ad: I’m tamboly
Kristina Lopez
Kristina Lopez Prije 2 dana
I know this is supposed to be a scary game kinda but, THE ENDING IS SO CUTE!!!!
Karsyn Luckey
Karsyn Luckey Prije 2 dana
am i the only one who is like super exited for 5 years into the future just to see Laurens kid?
Wak_Fu Prije 2 dana
This is way better then "mOtHeR" Also, LAUREN WHAT WILL YOUR NAME YOUR CHILD?!
Wak_Fu Prije 2 dana
aLSO she not evil.
Sparkstorm Prije 2 dana
Would there be a different ending if you beat the dream part
LPS Kesha
LPS Kesha Prije 2 dana
No one Literally no one Lauren: puppy get my phone
Jackie Plays
Jackie Plays Prije 2 dana
Lauren: “The- The child! She CrAzY already!” Also Lauren: “Ooh..I 𝙇𝙄𝙆𝙀 this already!” Lauren: “Yeeaah boiiiiii” Also Lauren: “I gotta dOoOdle fragment” Lauren: “Oh it’s the clown, OH it’s the clown” Also Lauren: “OH, IT’S THE TEDDAAAAAAY”
Theresia Blasciuc
Theresia Blasciuc Prije 2 dana
At the end Ana shirt kinda looks like TPN outfits
:D Prije 2 dana
You said a swear :O
Leeloo Dallas
Leeloo Dallas Prije 2 dana
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The knife!!!
Leeloo Dallas
Leeloo Dallas Prije 2 dana
That is very scary The knife actually moved!😱😱😱😱
Leeloo Dallas
Leeloo Dallas Prije 2 dana
Is your baby a boy or a girl???
Leeloo Dallas
Leeloo Dallas Prije 2 dana
Seriously is it a boy or a girl!?!😡😡😡😡
Gwen Aguilera
Gwen Aguilera Prije 2 dana
meh life flashed befor me eyes
Emily Desotto
Emily Desotto Prije 2 dana
When is the baby going to be born
•Simp Aizuki•
•Simp Aizuki• Prije 2 dana
I love how the game-style is anime-
Itz beanie keaine
Itz beanie keaine Prije 3 dana
The little is just sad she doesn’t mean to
HB Love
HB Love Prije 3 dana
Shanon Smith
Shanon Smith Prije 3 dana
This made me cry...😭
Caren Sweetapple
Caren Sweetapple Prije 3 dana
This is my 17th time watching this video
Boop the Snoot
Boop the Snoot Prije 3 dana
Same xD
ROBLOX Master Prije 3 dana
You 💘 0 Semaj you
Kayleigh Prije 3 dana
Lauren: I'll be your friend! ....BEST FRIENDS??
Fathmath Sobira
Fathmath Sobira Prije 3 dana
Bobby: *just enjoying his life in his room* Lauren in her room: AHHW AHHW SHE HIT ME WITH A- AAAHW PLATE! AAAAAH SHE STABBEEEEEEDDD MEEEEEE Bobby: 😶😲 *runs to laurens room* LAUREN YOU OK I HEA- *sees that shes playing a game* oh god- 😐😂
Andrea Littlefield
Andrea Littlefield Prije 3 dana
You will be a great mom
《 D.Dreamy 》
《 D.Dreamy 》 Prije 3 dana
The last ending is so cute and lovely 🤩
•Honeybun •
•Honeybun • Prije 3 dana
the art in this game thooo
Dario Mario the dog
Dario Mario the dog Prije 3 dana
"I got staaAAAAaaAa-"
GachaRoblox Kid!
GachaRoblox Kid! Prije 3 dana
132’s Gacha
132’s Gacha Prije 3 dana
This game made me cry 🥲
Baby Herobrine
Baby Herobrine Prije 3 dana
Is there part 2 ??
Fnaf_fan Lovermoon
Fnaf_fan Lovermoon Prije 3 dana
Ow I got stabbed I got STABBEDDDD
Anastasija Antonijević
Anastasija Antonijević Prije 3 dana
Why does that doctor remimds me on doctor from My Hero Academia? Am i only weeb here?
Corics Monter
Corics Monter Prije 3 dana
wen the child 2 coming laurenside i love you becaus so happy with ana😊
Rhian Jade Pelagio
Rhian Jade Pelagio Prije 3 dana
this literally made me cry T.T
Isabella Thuesen Christensen
Isabella Thuesen Christensen Prije 3 dana
i have sen et 7 taims i love it
The_Kawaii_Dragon Prije 3 dana
lol when you started crying because that child was so epic
MARIANA CAMPO Prije 3 dana
That last ending was both cute and scary, but mostly cute at the last bit
winda haliza
winda haliza Prije 3 dana
Run louren run
Myrna Tapia
Myrna Tapia Prije 3 dana
SnowzyFox Prije 3 dana
You should add "We Become What we Behold" to the mix, it starts off wholesome but ends in an interesting turn...
Kristin Gonzalez
Kristin Gonzalez Prije 3 dana
I love bread!!!!
B̷o̷b̷a̷ ̷t̷e̷a̷ Cutie UwU
B̷o̷b̷a̷ ̷t̷e̷a̷ Cutie UwU Prije 3 dana
me:wait wha-
Chris Metcalf
Chris Metcalf Prije 3 dana
It's April Fool's Day are you sure about your pregnant
Talking Tom1
Talking Tom1 Prije 3 dana
Hell nah i will eat this kid then you cuz in hungry jk but I’m still eating the parents
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson Prije 3 dana
awwww I loved the game
BitBitKitten Prije 3 dana
at first i thought patches was a dog in the non dream then i saw it was patches
Judith Thompson
Judith Thompson Prije 3 dana
Your pregantay
CallinaTheDemonic Devil
CallinaTheDemonic Devil Prije 3 dana
Play wit meh 😭
alondra saenz
alondra saenz Prije 3 dana
Evil but cute
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