I Almost Burned My House Down (Caught On Camera) & Then Bought a $300 Smart Toaster

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So I recently accidentally caught our toaster on fire which almost burned our house down if I didn't catch it as fast as I did. The whole thing was caught on our security cameras & afterwards, caused me to buy a $300 smart toaster for some reason...
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Mackenzie F
Mackenzie F Prije 11 minuta
I swear I was watching this video and almost burnt my kitchen down with a singular pinto bean!
Mackenzie F
Mackenzie F Prije 20 minuta
She probably would'nt make a good parent if she flooded her house and almost burnt her house down!
FoxZFoxZ Prije sat
Every time I watch this i end up in my kitchen eating bread
rainbow bubbly
rainbow bubbly Prije 6 sati
I think Lauren has become a toaster reviewer
Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills Prije 13 sati
So like sims irl
Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills Prije 13 sati
Is this like sims irl
Starflight Of the Nightwings
Starflight Of the Nightwings Prije 13 sati
I Am laughing so hard
Starflight Of the Nightwings
Starflight Of the Nightwings Prije 13 sati
“Uhhhh Bobby?” “Yeah?” “The toaster is on fire.” “ Realy!?” “Uhh, yeah.”
Technology 1000
Technology 1000 Prije 20 sati
When Lauren’s kid eventually sees this when she’s older, she’s gonna question a lot of things about her mothers choices in life. 1. Being nearly flooding their house. 2. Being nearly burning it down with a toaster. And who knows what’s next. Maybe blowing up the fuses in the house.
Niamhpie Prije dan
I was wondering if you could talk about the improvements to toasters over the years and how toasting compares to other methods of heating up food.
Sugar Collie
Sugar Collie Prije dan
Lauren using the 300$ every day
Jana Al shafei
Jana Al shafei Prije dan
Lauren is gonna have so much stories to tell her kid like “ you know I almost burnt down the house when I was carrying you .....while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich “
cheesey boi
cheesey boi Prije dan
This video is just 19 and a half minutes of eating bread and *I love it*
Tony Kenny
Tony Kenny Prije dan
Dexter just chillin then hears outside
Tony Kenny
Tony Kenny Prije dan
Ugg Bobby .. I set the toaster on fire 😂
iikeeley Prije dan
I like toasters that are cheap but not that cheap because if its too cheap then it could be filled with bugs or something
iikeeley Prije dan
You should make a channel about bread and toast
Nugget Prije dan
I love how lauren can always turn a traumatic and scary story into a funny one-
Celebrity Issues
Celebrity Issues Prije dan
I love you guys so much Bobby needs to be on more lol
Isabella Martindale
Isabella Martindale Prije dan
I like how calm lauren ,is with the toaster on fire
Apederpederpederp Apederpederpederp
Apederpederpederp Apederpederpederp Prije dan
my top three favorite Pop-Tart flavors: 1: Cookies and Cream 2: Hot Fudge 3: Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Jc Forster
Jc Forster Prije 2 dana
Uuuuhhh there’s this thing called a microwave😑
Smol_rxse Prije 2 dana
i feel like if i was the baby when i was like maybe 5 or something and LaurenzSide was making me food, she'd make the house go in flames for leaving it XD shes me at 4 am trying to tell myself i don't need food but i WANT food
Violet Cook
Violet Cook Prije 2 dana
I dont like pop tarts
Chloe Morgan
Chloe Morgan Prije 2 dana
That camera footage with the subtitles had me in tears laughing
br0ken.b3nni Prije 2 dana
why did i think the fire thing was whipped cream
Øyvor Indregård
Øyvor Indregård Prije 3 dana
Ahh my god 🔥
Pregnancy brain sounds like my brain after being clean for covid
Brinklee Close
Brinklee Close Prije 3 dana
Why did Bobby say well over 50 years when Lawrence 30 and he’s probably like 31
Violet Afton
Violet Afton Prije 3 dana
throws snow on toaster * *sighs* *
Violet Afton
Violet Afton Prije 3 dana
it was dexter running for me
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson Prije 3 dana
Lauren what are you doing
lillana watson
lillana watson Prije 3 dana
No there baby would be like oh my mom did something stupid again
Gianna Smuda
Gianna Smuda Prije 3 dana
Brown sugar one is my second favorite my first favorite is probably the campfire one
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
Baby room tour before baby is born
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
Bye the way one day can you do a baby room
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
One day can you do a baby room tour before the baby is born
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
No no no Lauren are you trying to set your house on fire
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
Plz no
Alize Rippy
Alize Rippy Prije 3 dana
No no no no no no Lauren trying to burn your house down
sandra keenan
sandra keenan Prije 4 dana
me: oh this looks like a good vid- HOLY FRIK THATS LOUD
MagicMabel123 Prije 4 dana
Best husband of a billion years goes to BOBBY -he went through pranks -his wife buys crazy stuff -his wife does crazy stuff -instead of complaining he he is calm -saved his house from fire Bobby is a freaking legend
Niamhpie Prije dan
Timeless Kid
Timeless Kid Prije 4 dana
Get a breville maker it seals the sandwich and cooks it at the same time
No one knows my name
No one knows my name Prije 5 dana
Idk why I thought this was funny but at 3:46 how he came back and shoved snow on it, it made me laugh so hard! Lol😂 P.s BUT it was serious so hopefully you guys are going to be safe from future disasters and your baby was it comes!
Cory Clark
Cory Clark Prije 5 dana
I freeze the pop tart
Mels Prije 5 dana
I can't eat cinnamon Pop tarts because I'm allergic
Rory Grassbaugh
Rory Grassbaugh Prije 6 dana
nobody: not even Lauren: me: *replaying the security video over and over, while laughing like a friggin hyena*
sugar obsessed
sugar obsessed Prije 6 dana
First flooding, now burning. what’s next 😟
Zoila Goya
Zoila Goya Prije 6 dana
Uuuuh Bobby......I set the toaster on fire. And then someone said outside and then dexter got up
tachi !
tachi ! Prije 6 dana
It’s really disturbs me how she is smiling and laughing through out the video like it’s a joke that fire might have killed someone and she is smiling :(
xLoserx Prije 7 dana
Okay but like... SomEtHiNg TrAuMaTiC ThAt ChAnGEd mY LiFe ChacK
xLoserx Prije 7 dana
You were so calm telling Bobby that it was in fire 😂
Antoinette Lanes
Antoinette Lanes Prije 7 dana
Google pop tart horror story
Antoinette Lanes
Antoinette Lanes Prije 7 dana
Lauren:wy did I buy this Me:because It has something to do with bread 🍞
Ella Bridgewater
Ella Bridgewater Prije 7 dana
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman Prije 7 dana
Lol oh dear. I love me some pb+j toasted sandwiches, I use a George forman grill or you can use a toasties maker. Failing that you could put the sandwich in baking paper, folding it over the bottom to catch anything that falls out. But go with the folding grill idea
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff Prije 7 dana
Dam that crunch is so mwah 😎
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff Prije 7 dana
Yeah where ready to roast that darn on expensive toast.er😎
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff
Ğãçhã ęđìş& šţûff Prije 7 dana
I just so happened to have just watched that video you showed at the beginning
Morrigan Glendenning
Morrigan Glendenning Prije 7 dana
It sounds like a sims fire lol. It would of been safer in a toastie maker.x
Kristy Mahoney
Kristy Mahoney Prije 7 dana
Btw lauren that is literally the brown cinnamon pop tarts I like the best ones on the whole universe and for everyone who doesn't agree with me and Lauren you should be sentenced to the end of time of doom
Kristy Mahoney
Kristy Mahoney Prije 7 dana
Sorry I meant to say Bobby but I got adio corrected because I spelled it wrong lol!!😭😭🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😆😂😂🤣😭😭
Kristy Mahoney
Kristy Mahoney Prije 7 dana
Lauren. Hey uh booby I kinda set the toaster on fire Bobby. ... *Bobby runs into the kitchen Bobby. OH MY GOD LAUREN!!!
ishaan gupta
ishaan gupta Prije 8 dana
bobby: only toast when it snows me: it doesnt snow where i live:(
Ashley Kaufman
Ashley Kaufman Prije 8 dana
"A double toast pop" -Bobby, Feb 5, 2021
_Lemon Tea ఌ
_Lemon Tea ఌ Prije 8 dana
“we gotta bring it 𝑜𝑢𝑡𝑠𝑖𝑑𝑒!” dexter: “outside?”
de zangvogel
de zangvogel Prije 8 dana
Piixie Hollows
Piixie Hollows Prije 8 dana
Lauren: I've never had a kitchen fire before also lauren: *says she set the toaster on fire calmly*
WolfieQueen Prije 8 dana
love when Dexter imminently gets concerned as soon as Lauren says ''oh god we got to get it outside''' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nathan Seth Pinto
Nathan Seth Pinto Prije 8 dana
Its ok We all have those days
Alexis Goodwin
Alexis Goodwin Prije 9 dana
Alexis Goodwin
Alexis Goodwin Prije 9 dana
No, I agree the maple brown sugar poptarts are the best poptarts. I'm not the only one 😊
Jasmine F.
Jasmine F. Prije 9 dana
I was eating toast while watching this
Nora Van Hyning
Nora Van Hyning Prije 9 dana
I had someone's car catch on fire in front of my home
Undertale Faith
Undertale Faith Prije 9 dana
If the baby could feel Lauren’s feelings it would probably be like: 👁👄👁
Boba Gacha
Boba Gacha Prije 9 dana
Almost burns house down:🔥👄🔥 2 minutes later: Making toast with a 300 dollar toaster🤞✨
Lelah Byrnes
Lelah Byrnes Prije 9 dana
I feel like she was like “what is the best excuse to eat bread? I know, TOSTER REVIEW!”
Olive Gate
Olive Gate Prije 9 dana
Ohhhhhh Bobby said a swear word
Amy Deelip
Amy Deelip Prije 9 dana
me just can't believe that she's an adult she's so immature
dot guy
dot guy Prije 9 dana
Oh please you don't even know who she is 😒
GHOST Iscomingforyourknees
GHOST Iscomingforyourknees Prije 9 dana
Wait a damn minute-WAFFLES ARE ROUND IN AMERICA?! This should not have been the thing that surprised me the most but it is
꧁༒Pearly Does Crap༒꧂
꧁༒Pearly Does Crap༒꧂ Prije 10 dana
Gwen Bining
Gwen Bining Prije 10 dana
Toaster on it’s first toast: “ahhh... I’ve never toasted before!”
liNdsAy :D
liNdsAy :D Prije 10 dana
I love that you can tell who’s fight or flight in the relationship
•Cloudy ElfGames•
•Cloudy ElfGames• Prije 10 dana
Lauren: *Just put it in the snow* Bobby: *YEETS TOASTER* *YEETS SNOW ON IT*
•Cloudy ElfGames•
•Cloudy ElfGames• Prije 10 dana
Me: YOUR SUPPOSED TO PUT POP TARTS IN A TOASTER?! my whole life is a lie... I've just been eating them straight up.
Sophia Seeboth
Sophia Seeboth Prije 10 dana
My favorite pop tart is the cookie dough untoasted and toasted would be the strawberry
Tabitha Hilder
Tabitha Hilder Prije 10 dana
You like wut u like but my favorite pop tart is peanut butter poptarts
Katie Prije 11 dana
Omg it's the BREAD QUEEN 🍞+👑 =Lauren is the bread queen
%L0sEr.Cl4b% Prije 11 dana
Lauren and Bobby: Welcome to Toaster reviews Me: Wait so their a toaster channel now-? Bobby: Wait what are we going to say when people come over and see this Lauren: This is the ummm only Lauren proof one we could find Me: Same- I almost burned my house down with a toaster to idk how but I am dumb My mom: YOU IDIOT U LITTERALY SHOVED ICE-CREAM DOWN THE TOASTER AND PUT IT ON!!!!!
꧁Ashlyn berry꧂
꧁Ashlyn berry꧂ Prije 11 dana
I love how she says "I SPENT 3OO DOLLARS ON THIS!"
꧁Ashlyn berry꧂
꧁Ashlyn berry꧂ Prije 11 dana
0:06 just a timestamp for me
Ima Faerie
Ima Faerie Prije 12 dana
Oh 😱
Mary Detmer
Mary Detmer Prije 12 dana
Lauren lol your not stupid at all-
•SøulLøck_Studiøs• -3•
•SøulLøck_Studiøs• -3• Prije 12 dana
If you like that pop tart flavor, you’d be great friends with my father oh and he almost burned the house down with a toaster too!
Lovely watermelon
Lovely watermelon Prije 12 dana
I agree that the type of pop tarts she has are the best
Aoibhe Miskella
Aoibhe Miskella Prije 12 dana
S’mores pop tart are thheeee beeesssstttt
lewis on you tube
lewis on you tube Prije 12 dana
Lauren my dearest youtuber, you have very disapointed me as i thought i could see the home footage from the kitchen as the toaster being ingulfed with flames. Tho the footage i saw was funny it was not what i expected. yours sincerely, lewis
Scout Hunt
Scout Hunt Prije 12 dana
You toast ur poptarts??!
Scout Hunt
Scout Hunt Prije 12 dana
I eat them normally
photographer 2be
photographer 2be Prije 12 dana
I feel like whenever theres a fire people brains kinda flop. Ive been in the same situation when there was a literal fire extinguisher next to me but didn't think to use it.
x- bloody painter
x- bloody painter Prije 13 dana
I love how Dexter runs after Bobby runs 🤣
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